Jungle Lodge Tikal , Guatemala

Live a unique experience full of mystery and cultural and natural mysticism at Jungle Lodge in Tikal, Guatemala.

Stay in the heart of the Mayan Biosphere in the first archaeological site of Tikal.

Each of the 49 rooms and suites rooms offers architectural details, decorations and amenities designed to provide a splendid experience in the middle of the jungle.

Jungle Lodge's origin has a direct relationship with the creation of the first scientific camp established in Tikal , which housed archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania, United States, for the exploration of the Mayan city.

Jungle Lodge Tikal

Jungle Lodge is an oasis in the middle of the jungle that is perfect for relaxing. We invite you to take a dip surrounded by the fauna and flora of the area.

The pool has an international drinks bar for your enjoyment. Perfect for romantic stays, there is an outdoor dinner service to enjoy as a couple with a series of romantic and elegant details.

Jungle Lodge Tikal Pool

We have designed the perfect menu for the most demanding explorers, made with fresh and natural ingredients, and the vision of a renowned international chef.

Each of the dishes is a creation that takes all our heart and experience. Enjoy the local flavors that we have added to our classic recipes, in a gourmet fusion and international casual cuisine.

Jungle Lodge Tikal, Guatemala Dining

With the adventurous spirit of the first archaeologists who stayed in these 12 rooms in mind, we try to maintain the original essence and comfort for visitors looking for a different experience.

Each room is named after its former guest, as a tribute to those scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, who studied one of the most important Mayan cities in history.

Jungle Lodge Tikal Rooms:

Jungle Lodge Tikal Rooms

Standard Rooms

Perfect for explorers seeking comfort in their expedition, each of the sixteen standard rooms are harmoniously incorporated into the natural environment and provide a pleasant sensory experience with all the comforts and amenities of an international hotel.

Jungle Lodge Tikal Rooms

Premium Rooms

Located very close to the pool and surrounded by the splendid jungle vegetation, the eight premium rooms are perfect for family visits. Its architectural design provides a spacious environment with cabinets that optimize the area for greater comfort.

Jungle Lodge Tikal Rooms

Junior Suites

For those who are looking for a little more space during their visit, the Junior Suites are the ideal option. These eight rooms are located in the most relaxed area of ​​the Jungle Lodge , each offering a spacious environment and an outdoor porch to fully enjoy the natural environment.

Jungle Lodge Tikal Rooms

Master Suite

The Master Suite is a tribute to Jungle Lodge's founders and offers a series of exquisite details for a luxurious stay. It has a bedroom area and a separate room with desk and sofa bed. Its windows allow guests to appreciate nature at its best.

Jungle Lodge Tikal Rooms

Jungle Suites

the Jungle Suites are a real treasure within the Mayan jungle, designed to provide maximum comfort for guests. They are distributed in the most exuberant area of ​​the property, incorporating themselves into the natural environment in a harmonious way.


Jungle Lodge Tikal

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