Rewa Eco-Lodge , Guyana / Suriname / French Guiana

Located in Central Guyana in one of the most pristine eco-systems on Earth, Rewa Eco-lodge is a nature lovers' dream.

Rewa village is a small Amerindian community located at the confluence of the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers in the North Rupununi of Central Guyana. The Rewa River is uninhabited and provides a unique opportunity to explore untouched habitat.

Home to about 300 villagers, mostly from the Makushi tribe, the Rewa area is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and ecological diversity. In 2005, in an effort to protect our land for generations to come, we, the Rewa community, founded the eco-lodge with a community grant provided by Conservation International.

Rewa Eco-Lodge - Guyana

Rewa Eco-lodge was built by and is run by the people of Rewa Village. This enterprise provides our people with employment opportunities while adding value to the incredible resource that is our forest's biodiversity.

Delicious traditional meals are served in our large dinning benab where you can also choose to buy drinks from "The Laughing Arapaima" bar or purchase some of our traditional crafts. We serve a variety of local dishes and fruit, along with delicious tropical juices, depending what is in season.

Main meals usually include fish from the river, chicken or local Rupununi beef. If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know in advance so that we can cater to your needs. Meals are served at the Eco Lodge or in the field, depending on where our adventures take us.

Rewa Eco-Lodge Wildlife

You will be welcomed to Rewa by Manager, Dicky Alvin, and Head Guide, Rovin Alvin, as well as the many other friendly faces who make up the staffing team.

Wi-Fi internet is available should you need to access emails; however, it is very limited. Guests are asked not to use personal devices, but you are free to use our office computers for checking email only. We ask that you refrain from up or downloads due to the speed of our facility.

Rewa Eco-Lodge Rooms:

Rewa Eco-Lodge Rooms

Rewa Eco-Lodge has two traditional benabs. Each benab has two rooms, and each room has two beds that can be kept separate or pushed together. All beds are fitted with comfortable mattresses and mosquito nets. The benabs have shared facilities with flush toilets, showers, and sinks.

They also have five self-contained cabins Each cabin has two large single beds and an en-suite bathroom sink, flush toilet, and shower overlooking the forest. As with the benabs, beds are fitted with comfortable mattresses and mosquito nets.

In addition they offer the option to sling up your hammock at the lodge.

  • Rewa Eco-Lodge Activities:
  • Rewa Eco-Lodge Activities

  • Bird Watching
    There are an exceptional number of birds living in the Rewa area. Over the course of a two-day visit it's possible to encounter well over 125 species, including manakins, macaws, Guianan cock-of-the-rock, hummingbirds, toucans, the spectacular harpy eagle . . . the list goes on! Download a bird checklist here.

  • Fishing
    Many large species of river fish, including tiger fish, piranha, arawana, payara, and peacock bass await the keen sport fisher.

  • Hiking
    There are many opportunities for hiking in the area, as well as climbing nearby mountains, such as Awarmi, with awe inspiring views of the forest below.

  • Wildlife Viewing
    Jaguars, tapirs, giant river otters, monkeys, capybara, giant armadillo, caiman, giant river turtles, puma, peccaries, anaconda, agouti - just some of the creatures seen in the area if you are lucky!

  • Dug-Out Canoe
    Glide silently across an ox-bow lake or drift peacefully down the river – dug-out’s offer tremendous possibilities for wildlife viewing.

  • Boating
    Push up the Rewa river to a part of Guyana that is totally uninhabited, where animals have no fear of man.

  • Culture
    Visit Rewa village and experience our way of life.


Rewa Eco-Lodge

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