Surama Eco-lodge , Guyana / Suriname / French Guiana

Surama Eco-Lodge is the gateway to the idyllic Pakaraima Mountains and Burro Burro River bordering the village and features some of the most impressive examples of pristine rainforest ecology to be found anywhere on earth. The abundant flora and fauna are masterfully curated by local, expert guides who convey a compellingly intimate fluency with nature through hikes, river canoe expeditions, and visits to community schools and traditional events.

Importantly the lodge — plus tours in and around Surama—are owned, managed and operated solely by the community. Surama’s residents, especially the children, are personally invested in the preservation of the biological diversity that surrounds the village, leading visitors on hikes to nearby active Harpy Eagle nests, enforcing a ban on wildlife trapping, protecting groves of endangered bullet, letter, greenheart and waramaden trees, and introducing tourists and researchers to vast arrays of rainforest flora with time-honoured medicinal properties.

The lodge is situated on the edge of the village, in savannah with views to the rainforest-covered mountains. A combination of thatched cabins and rooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, encircle the main dining, bar and communal lounge. Naturally, the meals are prepared from village grown produce with an indigenous influence.

Surama Eco-Lodge is situated in the indigenous Makushi community of Surama, bordered by the Burro Burro River, Surama Mountain and the million-acre Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve. Its idyllic, isolated location offers the perfect opportunity for immersing yourself in the savannah and rainforest experience, all in one of the country’s most renowned community tourism villages.


Surama Eco-lodge

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