Hotel Eighth Bastion , India

The Hotel Eighth Bastion in Cochin, India has two faces: one contemporary, even post-modern with clean cubic lines and chic retro touches in its striking architecture.

The other is the felt but understated elegance of its interiors that emphasize comfort combined with plenty of native sunlight and air.

Our Dutch soul, however, is evident everywhere, as seen in the nautical paintings, enamel work and Delft China on prominent display.

Hotel Eighth Bastion - Cochin, India

The cuisine at Eighth Bastion is a fusion play of a high order. It is an earnest improvisation on some old favourites, hand-picked from the ring of Indian Ocean spots that witnessed Dutch influence from the early 1600s.

Eclectic as the cuisine is, it uses local ingredients, particularly the famed spices of Kerala, in a commitment to freshness and a genuinely flavorful dining experience.

Hotel Eighth Bastion Dining

The pool at Eighth Bastion is an anytime indulgence. You can use it to cool off after a hectic ramble through the historic streets of Fort Kochi or when you feel like some brisk laps to get your sluggish circulation going. Even in the monsoon the pool remains inviting for those who are born water friendly.

Hotel Eighth Bastion Pool

Down the road from us lies a little slice of frozen time. It is hard to imagine, as one wanders around the tranquil pathways of the old Dutch cemetery, that this region - the Malabar - was once a battleground for Europe’s prominent seafaring nations that fought over spices and trade routes for 300 years.

The Eight bastion conjures up these visions from the past, connecting many dots on the map of time for you to reflect upon and wonder at.

Hotel Eighth Bastion Rooms:

Hotel Eighth Bastion Rooms

Bastion Room

Hotel Eighth Bastion Rooms

Bastion Room with Garden Verandah

Hotel Eighth Bastion Rooms

Bastion Room with Private Terrace


Eighth Bastion

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