Stok Palace Heritage Hotel , India

Built entirely by the Ladakhi craftsmen in 1820, the Stok Palace Heritage Hotel in Ladakh, India still continues to be a snug abode for the Namgyal dynasty.

Stay at the Stok Palace Heritage Hotel and experience something unique, an attempt to open up a living heritage space to guests. Whether it is the 6 gorgeously restored rooms in the palace building or the 2-bedroom villas amidst the apricot orchard.

The Namgyal dynasty traces its origin to its founder –Lhachen Palgygon as early as 10th century. You are entering a historical property and the Palace stands almost 200 years old.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel - Ladakh, India

The four-storied building is stately on the outside and mysterious inside, its shaded corridors and courtyards lead you into beautifully colourful spaces. Perched majestically on top of a ridge, the palace offers breath-taking views of the Indus valley from many of the rooms.

The palace exudes its traditional charm with low doorways and enigmatic corridors and affords the simple luxury of a comfortable bed, well furnished suites and elegant en-suite bathrooms. The suites are located on different levels of the palace. There are 4 Standard Suite Rooms, The Royal Suite and The Queen’s Room to choose from.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel

Please note that we do not have WiFi, TVs air-conditioning or intercoms in our rooms.

We also discourage the use of plastic and hence are reluctant to provide plastic packaged drinking water to our guests. We do instead have drinking water available in glass bottles which is completely without charge.


The Stok Palace was opened to public in 1980 with blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It encapsulates and reflects the lifestyle and history of royalty set in the midst of the valley of Singey Sangpo which is popularly known as the Indus River.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel Rooms:

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel Rooms

Standard Suite Rooms

Each of the 4 suite rooms are unique spaces in different parts of the palace. The well-appointed rooms with en-suite bathrooms exude ample charm and capture the essence of Ladakhi simplicity.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel Rooms

The Royal Suite

Mysterious corridors and hallways lead you to this spectacular suite which also houses some of the museum’s artefacts. A colorful and lavishly appointed room with a wooden balcony that open up to the palace courtyard.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel Rooms

The Queen’s Room

The most exclusive and most favoured room, it gives one the feeling of being enclosed in history with the gorgeously adorned walls. Recreated to resemble the Queen’s quarters with curios and photographs. The balcony overlooking the Indus valley is another highlight of this suite.


Stok Palace

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