Hacienda Chichen , Mexico

Hacienda Chichen's ideal location gives you direct access to Chichen Itza archaeological zone with an entrance gate within the hotel's own gardens.

If you are looking for a unique nature-wellness vacation and wish to experience genuine Maya traditions and culture, then this boutique hotel, Hacienda Chichen Resort, is the place for you.

Here you can take it easy or embark in a journey of deep discovery. Explore Yucatan at your own pace and comfort, visit the majestic Chichen Itza Maya pyramids and temples by walking from the gardens directly to the site, just buy your entrance ticket at the front-desk.

Hacienda Chichen - Chichen Itza, Mexico

Hacienda Chichen Resort is also committed to serve you healthy organic and local grown produce.

Our cuisine has won many critics' reviews of excellence and top international gourmet recognitions for its quality, taste, and commitment to healthy freshly cooked meals. Our prices are mid-range when compared with other restaurants that serve similar quality and gourmet organic food.

With Maya Spa therapies, mindful caring nature activities, and pampering hospitality, you can enjoy a vacation full of fun activities like swimming in enchanting cenotes, wandering through sacred Maya caves, or visiting many ancient Maya sites and Colonial towns nearby.


In addition, Hacienda Chichen brings you a wealth of in-house eco-cultural activities within its own wildlife sanctuary. Be captivated by the hotel's vast flora and fauna as well as Maya medicinal plants.

Hacienda Chichen Rooms:

Hacienda Chichen Rooms

Hacienda Chichen

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Have small bills in your cash supply for tipping. Some vendors are reluctant to give change on larger bills.
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