Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa , Mexico

At Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa, we honor the Mayan culture that draws us to this special place on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Healing is very important to the Mayans and many of Maya Tulum's therapeutic treatments are rooted in ancestral inspiration. With the longest stretch of beachfront in Tulum, guests are lulled to sleep nightly by the sound of lapping waves.

Spend the days lounging on the white sand beach or relaxing in a hammock. Dine at the seaside restaurant, which serves delicious local food, fresh squeezed juices and flavorful cocktails.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa - Tulum, Mexico

Since this premier resort was established decades ago, the accommodations have been crafted and constantly updated by local Mayan artisans.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Wellness Experiences:

Experience rejuvenating yoga classes, indulge in healthy cuisine, be pampered by gifted healers and spend lazy afternoons basking in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa has been Mexico’s premiere yoga and wellness destination for more than 30 years. The award-winning resort offers one of the largest stretches of beach in Tulum, along with a Wellness Center featuring a wide variety of therapeutic treatments.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Yoga

Mexico’s Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa is a wellness destination like no other – a vortex of natural energy and wonder. Located an hour and a half from Cancun on the sparkling waters of the Mexican Riviera, guests of Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa are encouraged to engage in twice daily yoga classes and experience unique healing spa treatments.

Each secluded and unique thatched-roof room has its own unique features, but all Cabanas are designed to welcome the bright Mexican light, fresh air and the refreshing sounds of nature.


At every front door, a small stone bath to dip the sand off bare feet matches the hand-laid stonework found all over this expansive beachfront property.

Well-appointed bathrooms, daily maid service and lovingly tended landscape make this a most comfortable escape very close to nature.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Rooms:

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Rooms

Garden View Cabana

Each Garden View Cabana is nestled in Maya Tulum’s lush Mexican Riviera gardens, featuring extensive greenery and beautiful local flowers.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Rooms

Ocean View Cabana

All Ocean View Cabanas have a partial view of the Caribbean Sea as well as lovely views of Maya Tulum’s lush gardens.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Rooms

Ocean Front Bungalow

Maya Tulum’s four Ocean Front Bungalow units make up a two-story apartment style building that sits right on the beach.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Rooms

Ocean Front Cabana

The Ocean Front Cabanas are located in an area that offers the most privacy, each with a pristine view of the sea.

Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa Rooms

Ocean Front Villa

Situated directly on the beach, this villa offers unobstructed views of the azure Caribbean Sea with the powdery sand at your doorstep.


Maya Tulum Spa Resort

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