Morgan's Rock , Nicaragua

Morgan's Rock is a 15-bungalow hideaway on a mile-long picturesque sandy beach all within a 4,000-acre jungle property, located two hours by car from Managua, near the village of San Juan del Sur. Nearly half of the vast property is a government-designated reserve. The rest is low-impact agricultural land (a farm called El Aguacate) and sustainable tropical forestland. The forested land and reserve hosts a variety of exotic animals like spider, howler and capuchin monkeys, deer, reptiles, and many native and migrant birds, sloths, agouti, reptiles, sea turtles

The sustainably constructed bungalows are nestled into the jungle, not far from the hacienda’s private beach. Each three-sided bungalow is perched on a cliff 30-100 feet over the private beach and cove, just across a 50-yard jungle suspension bridge. Each bungalow accommodates up to five people. Outside on the terrace is a special feature - a queen size day bed suspended by thick marine rope

The restaurant features local food and international flavors.

Morgan's Rock offers three packages:
Breakfast and dinner with tropical fruit beverages.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with tropical fruit beverages.

Discover & Adventure:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner with tropical fruit drinks with the meals, 4 daily cocktails or beers, one tour per day.  Lunches and dinners include an appetizer, main course, dessert.  The daily tours are:  guided jungle walk, monkey and sloth quest, horseback riding, guided night walk, surfing lessons, mangrove kayaking, birdwatching, 'Breakfast at the Farm' agrofarming experience.


Morgan's Rock

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