Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat , Nicaragua

Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat is a 1,300-acre nature reserve in Nicaragua’s Pacific countryside that offers opportunities to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul.

It is the vision of Don Alfredo Jr. and Doña Theresa Pellas, avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts whose commitment to nature is exhibited through the resort’s core principles of respect and stewardship of the environment.

Its contemporary architecture incorporates local elements like wood and stone, making the spaces respond harmoniously to the natural environment and providing a seamless integration between inside and outside.

Nekupe Sporting Resort - Nandaime, Nicaragua

The Casa Club is at the heart of Nekupe, offering 10,800 sq ft of communal space to unwind. Designed to blend into nature, you can relax at the pool while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Casa Club incorporates our lobby, restaurant, bar, rum room, massage room, gift shop, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and access to the warming fire pit.

Nekupe Sporting Resort Nicaragua Pool

Nekupe Spa is both a place to burn off some steam and to indulge in an array of rejuvenating spa treatments. You will encounter the purest form of relaxation by coexisting harmoniously with nature, and enjoy massages, facials and scrubs all with the highest quality ingredients destined to fully rejuvenate the body.

The irresistible pool, located in Casa Club, is available to all guests and offers beautiful landscape views. Shielded from the wind, enjoy a poolside lunch or enjoy quality time with your family. After a full day of activities, take a sunset dip and relax with a cocktail.

Nekupe Sporting Resort Nicaragua Yoga

The breath-taking panoramic views are present everywhere inviting you to interact and connect with nature in a sophisticated and artistic way. All around Nekupe, exhilarating outdoor experiences await. Ranging from safari style adventures on ATV to dancing classes; from farming to a world class clay shooting course; there is something to intrigue every personality. A dedicated Ranger will be there to guide guests through all the possibilities available to them.

Nekupe Sporting Resort Rooms:

Nekupe Sporting Resort Rooms


The suites, each 900 square feet, have two queen beds, Jacuzzi with an outside view, complete privacy and a terrace with a view of the forest. The room’s contemporary aesthetic provides an understated design that makes guests feel at home in a mountain-based sanctuary. High ceilings and expansive windows allow guests to take in the majesty of the outdoors.

Nekupe Sporting Resort Rooms

Grand Suite

The two grand suites, each 1,780 square feet, have one king bed, a walking closet, indoor and outdoor shower and custom-made tub. The Grand Suites are connected by a warmth living room and have exclusive access to a 1910 square feet infinity deck with an amazing view of the forest and an area that includes a 490 square feet Jacuzzi.

Nekupe Sporting Resort Rooms

Junior Villa

One Junior Villa, a serene room of 700 sqft with a special and romantic touch on its private Jacuzzi, perfect for honeymooners.

Nekupe Sporting Resort Rooms


Each Villa comes with a King Size bed, living area, custom made soaking tub, open terrace to sit back and relax the breath –taking view of the Mombacho Volcano.

  • Nekupe Sporting Resort Experiences:
  • Nekupe Sporting Resort Experiences

  • ATV Rides
    Personal ATVs is Nekupe’s main method of transportation by which you may feel free to explore the entire property. We recommend our special off-road trail which takes you from our teak plantation through the forest to the beautiful Ochomogo River.

  • Horseback Riding
    Explore 1,800 acres of diverse land by roaming through the 40km of trails and get lost in the countless wandering paths beneath lush canopies of forest. Gallop through the precious teak plantation or run wild alongside the indigenous animals in Nekupe’s nature reserve. You will enjoy various microclimates and miles of the Ochomogo river, all within the safety of our property.

  • Mountain Biking
    Nekupe’s hour-long, 8-shaped circuit for mountain biking offers a unique birdwatching and nature contact experience perfectly suited for groups. Immerse yourself in nature while exercising and having fun!

  • Firepit
    Nicaragua’s spectacular skies adorn Nekupe’s firepit where guests may connect with friends, family, and fellow guests. Enjoy a beautiful night under the starts while engaging in poetry reading or listening to the fascinating Nicaraguan leyendas (leyends).

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
    Yogis have a special place at Nekupe. We offer two daily complimentary yoga classes at set times in the morning and afternoon. Expert yoga teachers are also available upon request. Our classes include Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Energizing Flow Yoga, Therapeutic & Joint Release Yoga, Intro to Meditation, Metta Meditation and Yoga Nidra Meditation.

  • Birdwatching
    With over 73 bird species, Nekupe is the ideal location for birdwatching. The property encompasses a diverse environment of microhabitats and niches, plus several manmade reservoirs. Nekupe’s local wildlife experts and trackers will enlighten you on the various exotic and rare tropical birds that reside within the property.

  • Farming
    Enjoy an in-depth look at Nekupe’s 12,916 square-foot garden, guided by one of our chefs or Rangers. You will discover the variety of cucumbers, beets, peppers, carrots, ginger, eggplants, tomatoes, an array of spices, and citrus tree plantations. Want to know more about farming? Ask any member of the staff and learn about how these items are organically grown.

  • Target Courses
    Try your hand and accuracy in a one-of-a-kind Running Boar and visit the Pistol Range, designed by Central American Pistol Shooting Champion Emilio Chamorro.

  • Sporting Clay
    Designed by renowned sport shooter John Higgins, Nekupe’s sporting clay features eight stations with forty two machines, where guests can shoot a variety of styles including skeet and trap. The variety of stations and machines puts Nekupe’s shooting course on a world competitive level.

  • Hiking
    Hike our trails winding through various habitats and microclimates. Ask your ranger to guide you in getting up close and personal with the abundant indigenous wildlife. Freely explore Nekupe’s creeks and lagoons, and don’t forget your camera!

  • Ropes Course
    Mentally and physically challenging, our Ropes Course consists of 10 team building activities. Experience this great group activity for personal development, leadership skills, team building, and family bonding.


Nekupe Sporting Resort

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