El Otro Lado , Panama

… In the beginning, Paradise was found in the jungle

El Otro Lado is a private retreat situated in an exceptional enclave of Portobelo Bay, mixing design, culture, nature and luxury in a unique manner in order to offer its guests authentic, exclusive and custom-made experiences.

Situated just over an hour from Panama City and within Portobelo National Park, El Otro Lado will take you to a harmonious and dreamlike place, which is equipped with all the comforts of modern life. The ultimate combination of authenticism, luxury and comfort with an overwhelm sense of tranquility.

  • Spectacular situation in the tropical rainforest, near Portobelo Bay, inside the National Park
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Infinity pool overlooking the Portobelo Bay
  • Artistic chic design
  • Gazebo: Restaurant / Bar / Lounge
  • Our food: International-Caribbean fusion
  • Room Service
  • El Otro Lado Music Channel by Gladys Palmera
  • El Otro Lado offers its guests movies, books and entertainment games
  • Activities: Art workshops, mangroves and rivers excursion on La Farahona, beach picnics, fishing, diving, historical walks, massages, etc.
  • Virgin Caribbean beaches just a few minutes’ boat trip away
  • Local integration: Portobelo Bay Foundation, Escuelita del Ritmo, Casa de la Cultura Congo, Arts Gallery and Carpentry Workshops.

Selected Houses:

El Otro Lado

Forest House

El Otro Lado

Sea House

El Otro Lado

Sun House

El Otro Lado

Spirit House

El Otro Lado

Casa Grande



El Otro Lado

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