Yandup Island Lodge , Panama

Yandup Island Lodge is a private island surrounded by coral reefs, with a small white sand beach and crystal clear waters in the San Blas Islands, Panama.

At Yandup, you can lay in a hammock, relax and enjoy the stunning view or go to the beach, swim and do some snorkeling. You can also experience rowing or sailing in a Kuna indian canoe or do traditional fishing.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs and a small beach with white sand and crystal clear water. The lodge offers tours to the rainforest, river, mangroves, waterfall, Ukupseni (Playon Chico) community, cemetery and to other uninhabited islands with palm trees and white sand beach. Tours and meals are included in the package.

Yandup Island Lodge - San Blas Islands, Panama

The Kunas keep many traditions that are an attraction for tourists and scholars. They differ across America not only for their organization, but also their way of life, crafts and historical traditions of which they are very proud.

The unique scenic beauty and the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna and cultural richness of the area make this an ideal place for observation, rest and enjoyment.

Yandup Island Lodge has six cabins over the water and four seafront cabins equipped with private bathrooms, double and single beds with orthopedic mattresses and mosquito nets, ceiling fans, 24 hour electricity powered by solar panels, hammocks and a 360 degree balcony with an incredible view.

Yandup Island Lodge

The island also features a dining room over the water, with local seafood, fish, vegetables and fruits, with a 180 degree view to the sea, uninhabited islands, mangroves, mainland and the Playon Chico communiry. We have Kuna boats for traditional fishing and traditional sailing.

You can go hiking in the rainforest until you reach the small waterfall or visit the Kuna cemetery and learn about rituals and traditions. Meet a Kuna community and buy some handicrafts and molas directly from the Kuna women. Visit the mangroves, go to the river and enjoy the flora and fauna of the area.

Yandup Island Lodge Rooms:

Yandup Island Lodge Rooms
Yandup Island Lodge Rooms

Yandup Island Lodge

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