Isla Palenque Resort , Panama

Located in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama, The Resort at Isla Palenque is an undiscovered private island sanctuary.

The island’s 160 hectares of lush jungle are framed by 7 untouched beaches, and house a number of wilderness trails and hidden spaces.

Every inch is waiting to be explored by guests staying at the barefoot-luxury Beachfront Casitas and Beachfront Villa Estate.

Get ready for some serious seclusion and luxury beach living — each Casita at Isla Palenque is nestled in palm groves and jungle flora, boasts 1.3 km of beachfront, and is just 50 ft. from the waterline.

The Resort at Isla Palenque - Boca Chica, Panama

Isla Palenque is perfect for wildlife and nature lovers, guests looking for an active beach vacation, soft adventure, relaxation and a unique rainforest and private island experience.

Activities iclude Secrets of the Island hike, hike to Punta Ballena, kayak tours, tree climbing canopy tour, island treks, coastal rock hike, stand-up paddle-boarding,rock fishing, birdwatching and more.

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As guests check in to Isla Palenque, they open a door to a world of new experiences and undisturbed nature, enhanced by architecture and interior design that effortlessly blend into the tropical surroundings.

The atmosphere of the hotel is a balance of sophisticated and private comfort, combined with peacefulness, relaxation, and playfulness.

Isla Palenque explore by Kayak

The service provided by the staff is so personalized, professional and detail-oriented that the resort feels exclusive and at the same time familiar; guests feel free to explore and at the same time feel taken care of.

With a whole pristine island to discover through a number of included on-site tours, curious guests truly live an authentic, meaningful experience that goes far beyond a typical beach vacation.


The eight Beachfront Casitas epitomize luxury oceanfront and rainforest living.

The romantic bungalows – secluded from one another amongst jungle flora – spill out onto the island’s largest beach. 650-square feet of air-conditioned barefoot luxury living encompass an airy main room, lounge area and expansive bathroom.

The Resort at Isla Palenque Rooms:

Isla Palenque Rooms
Isla Palenque Rooms
Isla Palenque Rooms
Isla Palenque Rooms
  • The Resort at Isla Palenque Activities:
  • Isla Palenque Activities

  • Island Tours
    With only a handful of Casitas and a Villa Estate on our 400-acre private island, Isla Palenque is yours to discover. At the heart of our Panamanian island wilderness, you'll encounter iconic wildlife amid intact ecosystems bursting with color and life.

    Explore Palenque's rich biodiversity from every angle with our local naturalist guides. All Island Tours are guided and complimentary during your stay at Isla Palenque.

  • Island Hikes
    These guided hikes take you to several different areas of the island, allowing you to discover the intricacies of Isla Palenque's unique ecosystems. As you progress from the beauty of old-growth jungle to sprawling, palm-fringed beaches, your guide will point out myriad flora and fauna while describing the interconnected ecologies of our wild island.

    Treks include birdwatching, walks through lagoon ecosystems and lush hillsides, and other activities depending on the season.

  • Tide Pools, Lagoons & Mangroves
    Gain a deeper understanding of the island's remarkable aquatic ecotones: rare white mangroves that protect the island from the ocean while sheltering delicate marine life, bird-filled lagoons tucked just behind our beaches, and treasure-filled tide pools, revealed only in the receding waters of low tide.

    These are some of the most biodiverse corners of the island, best appreciated with the help of a guide.

  • Secrets of the Island
    Hike a maze of multiple jungle trails while we shed light on a few of the island's more enduring natural mysteries and hidden wonders. How did Isla Palenque form? How did ancient cultures use the island - and what did they leave behind? What is Palenque's role in the history of the area, and how is her significance reflected in the folklore of the locals? Isla Palenque's stories go back centuries – take this tour to delve deeper into her encompassing wonders.

  • Hike to Punta Ballena
    The magnificent spray of the blowhole at Punta Ballena glimmers in the distance from the idyllic Playa Palenque, calling you to the island's westernmost point which conceals this natural wonder. To witness the blowhole up close, duck into the jungle to climb a gently sloping path that runs through old-growth forest and alongside a lagoon humming with birds and butterflies.

    You'll emerge atop a bluff to be greeted by a spectacular vista of the Gulf of Chiriquí, with the blowhole erupting from the rocks below, showering you in its cool, refreshing mist. Tide Dependent.

  • Coastal Rock Hike
    Wend your way around our island's engaging coastline, mountain-goat style. Rock hiking is an invigorating outdoor workout and a great way to get to know Isla Palenque.

    Clamber over boulders and navigate volcanic stone gardens that will disappear at high tide while your guide shares insights into the island's geological origins. Your journey will take you both above and below sea level, but unlike coasteering, rock hiking does not require wearing swimsuits. Tide Dependent.

  • Rock Fishing
    Head out to our shallow bays at sunset for some prime in-shore fishing from our rocky coastline. The locals have been known to hook snapper, roosterfish, snook, jack and even trevally in our waters - try fighting one on an artisanal fishing rod for added thrills.

  • Kayak: Las Piñalitas
    Isla Palenque's Northeast coast features two islets that shelter one of the island's most enchanting natural attractions: a shallow sand-bottomed cave, home to a tiny species of insectivorous bat. Take an invigorating journey by kayak along our rocky coast to explore this incredible part of the island.

  • Kayak: Beaches & Mangroves
    Paddle out towards neighboring Boca Brava at high tide to discover our mangrove-lined Northeast coast from the open waters. Explore this mysterious and enigmatic ecosystem where the rainforest meets the ocean with a guide and learn all about its importance for marine life.

  • Kayak: Isla Palenquito
    Strike out from the sandy shores of Playa Primera and paddle a half-mile over the sparkling Pacific to reach Isla Palenquito, a charming little isle to our North. Upon landing at Palenquito, you'll find an intriguing little beach that very few have ever visited - enjoy its coral sands and coconut groves before returning by kayak to the island you call home.

  • Stand-Up Paddleboard
    Take one of our paddleboards from Playa Palenque and head out on the open ocean with our guide who will take you to any number of locations on the nearby islands, depending on the swells and experience level of the group. If you are new to stand-up paddleboarding, we recommend arriving half an hour in advance to get some practice balancing, paddling and turning.

  • Cooking Classes
    Join our chefs behind the scenes for an introduction to the fine, flavorsome art of Panamanian cooking. Prepare to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in as you learn how to rustle up any one of our nation's favorite dishes from crunchy empanadas to tangy ceviche. Got a particular Panamanian snack in mind? Ask us and we'll see what we can do.

  • Rum 101
    Nothing tastes quite as satisfying as a rum drink at the end of a perfect day in the tropics. And it's even more enjoyable when you can appreciate its magic. Where does rum come from? What makes a rum light or dark, sweet or smooth? How do rums change with age?

    Answer all of these questions and more as you sip your way through a fine selection of French, English and Spanish rums, all carefully curated by our very own master rum connoisseur.

  • Panamanian Pastry Class
    Calling all sweet-toothed islanders! Apron up and head to Las Rocas kitchen for a hands-on confectionary class with our resort's chefs. Sweeten your stay in paradise with one of our favorite Panamanian treats, or try your hand at baking some fluffy muffins with all-local ingredients.

    We'll serve them up warm with a smooth cup of Boquete coffee just in time for a pre-sunset kick-back by the beach.

  • Dance Class
    Swap your sandals for some dancing shoes and learn to sway like the locals. Hip-shake to salsa, swing to merengue, or flow to the oh-so Latin beats of bachata - whatever your rhythm, we'll help you pick up the essential steps so you can impress on any Panamanian dance floor. Novices to pros welcome.


Isla Palenque

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