Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge , Panama

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge: 14 islands, 18 guests, 20 miles from civilization

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge is an elevated outpost of adventure on Panama’s Pacific Coast. The archipelago of 14 islands is a secluded and sustainable destination for world-class fishing, diving and other marine adventures.

Remote and unknown to all but the most intrepid, Islas Secas is an idyllic base from which to undertake a true marine safari.

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge - Islas Secas, Panama

There are countless Panama activities and adventures to choose from. Snorkel or dive amidst the aquatic wonders of the Gulf of Chiriqui, explore the biodiversity of Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, fish the storied waters of Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa, or get up close with a migrating Humpback whale in the waters around Islas Secas.

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge

Our dedicated Adventure Concierge is an expert on the varied possibilities and will help you select the Panama activities that will connect with yourself and with nature in its purest form.

Guests return from daily explorations to their own private sanctuary of modern comfort and responsible luxury. The intimate property immerses guests in their natural surroundings, providing a private ‘island within the island’ experience at each of our four casita sites.


Each site has an expansive outdoor deck – complete with a plunge pool and thatched-roof cabana – from where to relax and enjoy the sea views.

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge Rooms:

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge Rooms

Casita Mirador

All the romance of your own private Panama island vacation is realized at Casita Mirador. This lush and intimate site features a single casita, providing couples with complete privacy and total run of the expansive outdoor spaces, plunge pool and luxurious interiors.

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge Rooms

Casita Sombras

There’s something playful about Casita Sombras. Laid out on multiple levels nestled into the vibrant landscape, it’s a bit like staying in a luxurious treehouse. The site features two separate casita units that are set a bit apart and is able to sleep up to 4 guests in King or Twin beds.

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge Rooms

Casita Tres Palmas

Casita Tres Palmas is a great option for families. There’s plenty of room to spread out and take full – and fun – advantage of the various outdoor spaces and plunge pool after a day of adventure. And at night, the whole family will appreciate retiring to comfortable and modern rooms that are close by yet still private. The site features two separate casita units and is able to sleep up to 4 guests in King or twin beds

Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge Rooms

Casita Grande

Casita Grande is perfect for big families and groups of friends. With accommodations for up to eight guests across four casitas, it offers plenty of room to share a world-class Panama island vacation. Groups can reconnect and relax after days of exhilarating activities before retiring to their pampering rooms for restful evenings in total comfort. The site features four separate casita units and is able to sleep up to 8 guests in King or twin beds.

  • Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge Amenities:
  • Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge

  • The casitas are designed to fully connect you to your surroundings, with louvered slats and sliding panels that invite cool breezes during the day.

    Plush beds, crisp linens, relaxed furnishings and other intuitive comforts abound in rooms inspired by their tranquil island setting. Well-appointed and expansive bathrooms offer double vanities and spacious indoor-outdoor showers.

    •  Complimentary WiFi
    •  International sockets/plugs
    •  French press for fresh coffee
    •  Flip-flops and bathrobes
    •  Beach bag and beach towels
    •  Hairdryer
    •  Reusable water bottle
    •  Air conditioning with individual temperature control
    •  Mini bar with complimentary water, soda, beer and healthful snacks

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge

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