Esplendor Hotel Guarani , Paraguay

Located in downtown Asunción, the outstanding architecture of the Hotel Guaraní has been completely renovated.

The renovation maintains the original history and mystique of this emblematic building while adding modern facilities and comforts.

Its rooms have been decorated in an avant-garde style to provide the maximum level of comfort to guests.

The Restaurant & Bar "Yasyreta" offers the ideal atmosphere that combines imagination and pleasure for the senses.

In addition, the guests will be able to enjoy a spacious terrace with an area of 1500 m2, a 160 m2 outdoors swimming pool with a water mirror, gym, sauna, massage services and beauty treatments.

All the rooms, remodeled in a contemporary and avant-garde style, feature an exclusive view to the Asunción bay and to the main historical buildings.


Hotel Guaraní Asuncion


Hotel Guaraní Asuncion


Hotel Guaraní Asuncion


Hotel Guaraní Asuncion




Esplendor Hotel Guarani

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