Encarnación , Paraguay

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Encarnación is located on the banks of the Paraná River, across the river from Posadas, Argentina.

Encarnación is connected to Posadas by the San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge. The city has Encarnación is the third-largest city of Paraguay with a population of around 95,000. The city is 225 miles from Asunción and 175 miles from Ciudad del Este.

Most of the inhabitants are of mixed Spanish and Amerindian descent as in the rest of Paraguay but there are also minorities of Germans and Ukrainians, as well as other eastern Europeans.

Jesuit Ruins Encarnacion Paraguay

The city is located near several Jesuit ruins such as the Jesús and Trinidad Jesuit Ruins, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1993. Encarnación has recently become a tourism center of the country with wide beaches and a newly-completed waterfront boardwalk.

It is also the Carnival Capital of Paraguay, with a yearly celebration of music and dance. Encarnación has a humid subtropical climate with very hot and humid summers and temperate and cool winters.


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