El Casco - Art & Patagonia Hotel , Patagonia

Located in one of the most beautiful spots in Patagonia, on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, El Casco Art Hotel is integrated into the landscape with its architectural style and comfort, making it a unique experience.

The modern version of El Casco Art Hotel was conceived as an Art Hotel, and has a Collection of more than 500 paintings and sculptures of Argentine art.

Each of the 31 rooms have views of Lake Nahuel Huapi located just 20 meters and is decorated with works by the artist it is named. You can choose from the Suite Fader, Bertani, Quirós or Soldi, the latter the largest with a 110m² terrace overlooking the lake.

The Gourmet Cuisine Restaurant, honored by the Academy of Gastronomy Argentina with the “Grand Prize Best Hotel Project” , offers delicious dishes prepared with local produce.

This 4 star hotel in Patagonia Argentina is distinguished within the category of Art Hotel, and has a similar feel to the home of an art collector who opens the doors of his residence to show their treasures.

Located at 11.5 km from Avenida Bustillo, 15 minutes from the city of Bariloche, 15 minutes 2 tennis Golf and as many of the most important ski resort Cerro Catedral, El Casco Art Hotel proposes a unique way to experience art and nature.


El Casco - Art & Patagonia Hotel

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