Amazonia Lodge , Peru

Amazonia Lodge is located in the tropical rainforest of the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru, near the village of Atalaya.

It comprises 350 hectares of primary forest, in the transition zone between the Andes foothills and the tropical lowland rainforest, right on the banks of the Alto Madre de Dios River.

The altitude range of the property is between 500 m to 1050 m with different kinds of habitats. This range in altitude explains the high diversity of wildlife. It is a Peruvian paradise for birdwatchers, nature lovers and photographers.

Amazonia Lodge - Manu, Peru

Amazonia is one of the best places for bird watching in Peru, with more than 630 bird species recorded so far. Our intention is to preserve this pristine and bio-diverse ecosystem. Students and scientists are also welcome.

The Yábar family, from Cusco, established the lodge in 1980 which used to be a tea plantation in the 1970’s. The book `Birds of South America´ by Robert S. Ridgely refers to the lodge as Hacienda Amazonia.

Amazonia Lodge Bird Watching

The property has more than 70% primary forest, mostly in the foothills. The rest is mature secondary forest with reforestation. We offer full board and can arrange for a guide to accompany you during your stay.

The comfortable Amazonia Lodge contains 15 rooms and a total of 34 beds. There are 8 bathrooms with flush toilets and solar powered hot water showers. Since 2016 we have 4 rooms with private bathrooms.

Amazonia Lodge Peru

We own a small Hydroelectric for 24 hours/ day electricity 220 V to recharge batteries; we also have regular cell phone coverage (not all the time) and a satellite phone.

The lodge offers a nice dining area, great food, lighted walkways at night, time for siestas, flexible schedules, an excellent trail system and super birding right from your front porch.

Amazonia Lodge Rooms:

Amazonia Lodge Rooms
Amazonia Lodge Rooms
Amazonia Lodge Rooms
Amazonia Lodge Rooms

Amazonia Lodge

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