Posada Amazonas Lodge , Peru

Posada Amazonas Lodge is located within the Ese-Eja’s communal reserve, next to the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru.

Within the pristine Amazon Rainforest, Posada Amazonas lodge connects you to the natural and cultural wonders of the Tambopata jungle.

The lodge is conveniently located just two hours from Puerto Maldonado inside the private communal reserve of the Ese Eja Native Community of Infierno.

Posada Amazonas offers a unique set of activities ample opportunities to observe wildlife and to discover ancient indigenous heritage where travelers can choose letting create your own personal adventure.

Posada Amazonas Lodge - Tambopata, Peru

Posada Amazonas is perfect for your first taste of the Amazon’s natural wonders. Despite being relatively close to Puerto Maldonado, the Posada Amazonas offers ample opportunities to see wildlife such as squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, parrots and macaws. The lodge is also home to a family of giant river otters.

Posada Amazonas Lodge

While there's plenty of adventure as you explore the jungle, we've also got plenty in store for your downtime. We have relaxation covered as you lounge in a locally-made hammock or get an Amazonian massage.

When you're feeling more lively, check out the exclusive boutique filled with artisan goods, and the Ronsoco Bar, featuring rainforest-inspired cocktails alongside classics like the Pisco Sour.


All rooms have an authentic Ese-Eja décor which has been crafted by artists from the local community of Infierno. All rooms feature private bathrooms with access to hot water showers. The rooms also feature an open verandha to maximize the experience with the tropical rainforest.

Posada Amazonas Lodge Rooms:

Posada Amazonas Lodge Rooms
Posada Amazonas Lodge Rooms
Posada Amazonas Lodge Rooms
Posada Amazonas Lodge Rooms
  • Posada Amazonas Lodge Highlights:
  • Posada Amazonas Lodge Canopy Tower
  • Canopy Tower - Our 30-meter scaffolding canopy tower gives you spectacular views of the vast expanses of standing forest. You will have good chances of spotting toucans, parrots, macaws or mixed species canopy flocks.
  • Ñape Ethnobotanical Center – You will visit Centro Ñape, a traditional community clinic, where the shaman or his assistant will take you on a unique tour to explain the uses of various medicinal plants.
  • Lake - We will paddle around the Lake Tres Chimbadas on a catamaran, looking for the resident family of Giant River Otters, and wildlife such as hoatzin, caiman or horned screamers.
  • Farm Visit - Visit a working jungle farm to learn about local agriculture and life. You will taste exotic tropical fruits including the source of chocolate and little known relatives of the tomato.
  • Natural Construction Rooms – Bedrooms open out onto the surrounding rainforest, allowing you to enjoy this diverse ecosystem even during downtime, with wild animals, including monkeys, often visible from the lodge.
  • Community Owned – Posada Amazonas is owned by the indigenous Ese-Eja community of Infierno and managed in partnership with Rainforest Expeditions, Posada Amazonas is located within the Ese-Eja’s communal reserve, next to the Tambopata National Reserve.

Peru Discovery: Rainforest To Ruins

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Who says you can't see it all? Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, the Northern Kingdoms, the Nazca Lines.

Posada Amazonas

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