Tambopata Research Center , Peru

For travelers passionate about nature and biodiversity, it doesn't get better — anywhere in the world — than the Tambopata Research Center lodge in Peru's Amazon jungle.

Tambopata Research Center is the only lodge that lies within the Tambopata National Reserve, making it one of the most remote lodges in South America.

The lodge's pristine location means it's surrounded by the best wildlife the Amazon jungle has to offer. There are no humans nearby, so you can see more monkeys, Macaws and other large and endangered species than anywhere else. One in three guests here even spots a Jaguar.

Tambopata Research Center

After a day of jungle discovery, you'll be ready to enjoy the relaxing services we offer at the Tambopata Research Center lodge. Whether you'd like to lounge in an inviting hammock or get a massage with jungle ingredients, we're your destination for restoring your mind and body.

For guests who want to explore a special interest or simply prefer a more private experience, private guides are available. The private guide service must be organized for the total number of days of the reservation.

Tambopata Research Center Rooms:

Tambopata Research Center Rooms
Tambopata Research Center Rooms
Tambopata Research Center Rooms
Tambopata Research Center Rooms
  • Tambopata Research Center Experiences:
  • Tambopata Research Center Experiences

  • Elevate your Experience: The lodge now features 300 meters (almost 1000 feet) of elevated walkways! These walkways are located in the perfect level of the forest — in between the canopy and the floor — where wildlife becomes more active, allowing you unprecedented opportunities to spot animals.
  • Spectacular Macaw Sightings: A trip to the Tambopata Research Center includes a visit to the two most important clay licks (clay cliffs that attract many birds) in the region: the Colorado and Chuncho Claylicks. Visit these special portions of riverbank while Macaws and Parrots make a raucous and colorful spectacle — one that even inspired a National Geographic cover story!
  • Fantastic hikes: TRC is situated near five distinct habitats. Near the lodge, you have access to a variety of stunning, biodiverse hikes, including the Floodplain Trail, the Palm Swamp Trail, the Terra Firma Trail, and the River Overlook Trail.
  • Herds of Rare Jungle Pigs: Our location inside a vast, pristine rainforest means huge numbers of rare, vulnerable White-Lipped Peccaries roam freely. In fact, herds of one hundred or more jungle hogs often visit the lodge garden to gather nuts from its palm trees!
  • Support Research and Conservation: Since 1989, researchers have been carrying out groundbreaking Macaw conservation research from the Tambopata Research Center. During your stay, you'll have the chance to talk with Macaw biologists, ecologists and other experts while they do fieldwork!
  • Canopy Tower: During your one-night stopover at Refugio Amazonas, you'll climb our 30 meter (100 foot) Canopy Tower for spectacular views of the vast expanses of rainforest around the lodge. There's more than just trees to see — you'll often be able to spot Toucans, Parrots, Macaws, and other treetop birds!
  • Rooms at one with nature: Our naturally-built rooms have a wall open to the surrounding jungle. This gives you a safe way to enjoy this diverse ecosystem, even during downtime. Wild animals, including monkeys, are often visible from the lodge. With only 24 rooms, this intimate lodge is as close as you can get to the jungle.
  • Guilt (and carbon) free travel: Since we became totally carbon neutral, you're actually neutralizing your carbon footprint through local conservation actions when you stay with us!

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Tambopata Research Center

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