Casa Andina Standard Colca , Peru

Casa Andina Colca is a rustic, relaxed and intimate hotel located in Chivay.

The hotel has 51 100% non-smoking rooms, built like stone houses, with wooden floors and tile roofs.

Enjoy the free extras we offer, such as: buffet breakfast, in-room services, Wi-Fi connection, parking and transportation, daily cleaning service, etc. Discover the local food and drink in our restaurant.


Did you know that the hotel has a Planetarium? They have daily presentations in English and Spanish that will allow you to know more about the stars and constellations, and thus take advantage of the spectacular view of the Colca sky.

You can enjoy a varied American buffet breakfast, as well as a varied menu for lunch and dinner. This hotel has an oven for making pizzas and a barbecue area.


Casa Andina Colca


Casa Andina Colca


Casa Andina Colca


Casa Andina Colca




Casa Andina Standard Colca

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