Las Casitas, A Belmond Hotel, Colca Canyon , Peru

Retreat to a world of quiet indulgence at Las Casitas, A Belmond Hotel, Colca Canyon surrounded by the peace and serenity of the breathtaking Colca Valley, Peru.

This secluded hideaway and spa offers a rare opportunity to experience the traditional beauty of Peru. Slip into a gentle pace of life as you spend time in harmony with the astounding nature and warm local communities of this lush valley.

Time is yours to savor, with complete freedom to do as much or as little as you wish. From the exposed beams of each casita to the mesmerizing Colca Valley views from the pool, every detail will take your breath away.

Hotel Belmond Las Casitas - Yanque, Peru

With the majestic Colca Valley as a backdrop, experience one of the best restaurants in Peru. Sample diverse mountain dishes crafted from produce grown in our vegetable gardens. Or sip pisco sours on the terrace as an indigo twilight spreads slowly through the valley. Whether dining alfresco or in the ambient interior, we offer an unrivaled taste of the Andes.

After a day exploring the canyon, join us in Curiña for a different kind of adventure. Indigenous cooking styles showcase a vast array of ingredients, many of which are harvested straight from our farm.

Belmond Las Casitas Dining

Native stews, marinated meats, purple corn and spicy ají peppers are just some of the highlights. Finish with our chef’s chapana, a fresh cheese drizzled with local mountain honey.

Las Casitas Wellness Experiences:

Awaken your senses with the power of Peruvian ritual. Nestled in the shadow of the Colca Canyon, the sense of tranquility at Samay Spa is impossible to resist. Indulge in treatments rich in natural botanicals. Detoxify in our eucalyptus steam room or unwind in the outdoor whisper pool. Whatever you choose, emerge rejuvenated and refreshed.

Belmond Las Casitas Spa

Heated basalt stones gathered from the river, purifying Peruvian clay, nourishing local avocado, invigorating Andean coffee and more. Our pure, natural ingredients will leave you with an unmistakable Colca Canyon glow.

Of all Peru resorts, none can match Belmond Las Casitas for authentic local style and indulgent accommodation. Sink into soft local fabrics after a day visiting ancient pueblos, or watch the sunset from your own panoramic plunge pool. Although every casita sports a lavish marble bathroom, we recommend the alfresco showers—perfect for soaking up the dramatic views.

Las Casitas, A Belmond Hotel, Colca Canyon Rooms:

Belmond Las Casitas Rooms

Casitas with Garden View

Enter a personal haven with a wealth of space to unwind in. Each generous 120 m2 casita comprises a foyer, lounge, sleeping area, private terrace and heated plunge pool. Luxurious marble bathrooms feature both indoor and outdoor showers.

Belmond Las Casitas Rooms

Casitas with Valley View

hese inviting 120 m2 hideaways echo the natural beauty outside. Spread out in the lounge, or pamper yourself in the marble bathroom, boasting indoor and outdoor showers. Your private terrace is complete with heated plunge pool and valley views.

Belmond Las Casitas Rooms

Presidential Casita

Go all-out on indulgence and experience the ultimate in luxury. The 240 m2 Presidential Casita features a private terrace and heated pool, a spacious bedroom, dining room, lounge area with fireplace and generous bathroom.

  • Las Casitas, A Belmond Hotel, Colca Canyon Experiences:
  • Belmond Las Casitas Experiences

  • There’s no shortage of things to do in Peru. Our enviable location means we have access to an incredible list of activities and excursions––right on our doorstep. Let our concierge introduce you to the best guides, or order a picnic from the hotel kitchen, grab a map, and discover a wealth of pre-Incan history.
  • Peruvian Paso Horse Riding
    Saddle up for a scenic ride into the lesser-known parts of the Colca Valley. Accompanied by our expert guides, you’ll be led through pristine forest. The tour, available at a supplement, is available daily until 3pm and requires advance reservations.

  • Alpaca Feeding
    Get to know our adorable resident alpacas. Belmond Las Casitas plays host to a small farm that houses rabbits and guinea pigs too.

    Each day at 8:30am, 11:30am and 2:30pm, guests are invited to help our workers bottle feed the young alpacas. Why not come and meet our furry residents? You’ll also learn about the region’s sustainable farming practices.

  • Walks and Treks in Colca Canyon
    With eagles soaring above and the ever-changing scenery, it’s easy to understand why Colca Canyon is considered a dream hiking spot. Explore 14 hectares of undulating landscape, or keep it simple with a two-hour walk to Sifon.

  • Bird Watching in Colca Canyon
    The skies of Colca Canyon hold many delights for bird watchers, from the world’s largest hummingbird to eagles, woodpeckers and the majestic Andean condor. Speak with our concierge, who will offer binoculars, maps and—most importantly—tips on the perfect viewing locations for every hour or season. For the most magical experience, head to Condor's Cross at dawn to see the majestic Andean condor gliding along on the thermal air currents.

  • Cycling in Colca
    Feel the rush of wind on your skin as you speed through the canyon on two wheels. Bicycles are available upon request—as are a variety of routes to suit every thrill seeker and fitness level.

  • Cooking Classes
    Set off on a culinary adventure with a Peruvian cooking class. Learn about distinct regional flavors from our expert chefs, then put the theory into action. All ingredients are sourced from local fields for freshness and seasonality; taste each delicious creation afterwards.

  • Tea in the Orchard
    Join us in the orchard to learn about the rich health benefits of our local herbs. Select your favorite and we’ll serve it up as a refreshing and restorative tisane.Available daily. Advance reservations required.

  • Trout Fishing
    Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there’s nothing like catching your own dinner.

    Our trout pond adheres to the highest welfare standards and lets you enjoy simple rustic fishing at your own pace. Catch as many as you like, then hand them to our chefs who will prepare them as part of your lunch or nightly feast. Additional cost applies. Only available during the fishing season.

  • Pisco sour lessons
    Master the art of preparing Peru’s iconic cocktail. Join our bartender for a fun complimentary class and you’ll soon be able to impress your friends with your skills. Daily at 5pm at Puccqio Bar. Advance reservations required.

  • Outdoor painting
    Let us take you to one of our most scenic viewpoints to unleash your creativity. At the end of a fun session capturing the landscape, you’ll have a fabulous memento to take home. Available daily on a complimentary basis. Advance reservations required.


Hotel Belmond Las Casitas

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