Inkaterra La Casona , Peru

The first boutique hotel in Cusco, Peru, Inkaterra La Casona Relais & Chateaux Hotel is located in the traditional Plaza de las Nazarenas, surrounded by vibrant, cobblestone streets.

This 16th Century manor house stands on the training grounds for an elite army of Incas, and had Spanish Conquistador Diego de Almagro and ‘Libertador’ Simón Bolívar among its illustrious guests.

After being harmoniously restored by Inkaterra throughout five years, emphasizing its original architecture, Inkaterra La Casona reflects the encounter of cultures and traditions across centuries.

Inkaterra La Casona - Cusco, Peru

Surrounding the main patio, its eleven suites are provided with chimneys, heated floors and extra-large bathtubs. Its halls are decorated with colonial furniture, Pre-Columbian textiles and original murals.

Inkaterra La Casona Cusco

The food served at the manor’s dining room is fresh, natural and nutritious, making creative use of local ingredients as the portal for exploring and discovering indigenous culinary secrets.

Enjoy exquisite national and international liquors and spirits; and delight yourself with our complimentary tea time.


The Yacu therapy room offers bespoke treatments and, like the manor’s dining room, uses products derived from local sources. Those who sleep within the stone walls, beneath the exposed beams, gain a deeper understanding to the city’s cultural heritage.

Inkaterra La Casona Rooms:

Inkaterra La Casona Rooms

Patio Suite

Appreciate the patina of time and tradition, as colonial furnishings and original designs blend with lavish contemporary comforts in the Patio Suites overlooking the central courtyard of Inkaterra La Casona.

Inkaterra La Casona Rooms

Balcón Suite

Handsomely appointed and boasting the most exquisite amenities the Balcón Suites are furnished with either king or twin beds and 100% cotton with 4 anti-allergenic pillows, down duvet, a dining area for 2 guests with its own stone fireplace.

Inkaterra La Casona Rooms

Plaza Suite

Relive Cusco’s unique mestizo grandeur, the inspiration for the remodeling, which maintains original murals blended with lavish contemporary comforts in the Plaza Suites, overlooking the picturesque Plaza Nazarenas.

  • Inkaterra La Casona Excursions:
  • Inkaterra La Casona Excursions

  • Nearby Ruins

    Enjoy a private guided excursion through Cusco’s four main ruins:

    Explore Sacsayhuamán, which in Quechua means “satisfied falcon,” considered a religious and military significance. It is the most impressive ruin close to the city of Cusco, where the yearly Inti Raymi festival (Sun Cult feast) is celebrated. Then view the Puca Pucará, or “red fort;” thought to be a hunting lodge, this rock structure looks pink in some lights.

    Later visit Qenko, which means “zigzag” in Quechua — a ruin that consists of a large limestone riddled with niches, steps and carving, including zigzagging channels that gave the site its name.

    Finally, visit Tambomachay (Cavern Lodge), commonly referred to as the Baños del Inca or Inca baths. Tambomachay was a site for ritual bathing.

  • Around the City
    Visit the Cathedral, San Blas church and Koricancha. Begin this excursion with an intimate tour of the Cusco Cathedral and get to know this superb symbol of the city closely, including its 11 chapels, 1 vestry, 7 altarpieces and 1 lower chorus completely carved in Cedar from Cusco, more than 300 paintings, and a variety of carvings and sculptures.

    The highlight of all these is the Main Altar, covered entirely with layers of silver as well as the Silver Chariot, mounted on a pedestal, still used in processions during the religious festival of Corpus Christi.

    Then visit the church of San Blas, one of Cusco’s most picturesque communities. Finish your day with a visit to one of the most important temples in the Incan Empire dedicated to Wiracocha; Sun god or creator. Its former pre-Inca construction of adobe and unpolished quartz lasted until the 12th century and when the Incas took over, they called it Koricancha (“courtyard of gold”).

    The Church of Santo Domingo was built using the ruined foundations of the temple that were flattened by the Spanish in the 17th century and is a fine example of where Inca stonework has been incorporated into the structure of a colonial building

    On the way to your excursion, you will see some of the most scenic spots in the Sacred Valley. Visit the traditional Andean village of Chinchero located in the highlands of Anta. The visit combines Inca archaeological sites, typical Andean community, a colonial church, and a colorful market which to date, on its “market day” practice the tradition of “barter” goods.

  • Maras and Moray
    Enjoy a private guided trip to Maras Salt Mines and the circular terraces of Moray. On the way you will see some of the most scenic spots in the Sacred Valley. First, visit the ancient salt mines near the village of Maras, where salty springs emerge from the hillside and the Incas built terraces to capture the flows and harvest salt.

    Continue the excursion to Moray, where huge circular agricultural terraces were built by the Incas on limestone sinks served to plant various crops. It is said to have a cosmological significance, however, the Incas used the terraces as an agricultural laboratory to determine the optimum conditions for each species in varying altitudes.

  • Pisac and Awanacancha
    Visit one of Sacred Valley’s finest and most impressive Inca complex, the archaeological site of Pisac, with terraces built on its hills. To visit the site, you must walk along winding paths on a mountain cliff. Among the most important buildings are Pisaca, which is a curved wall; the Intihuatana, a solar clock among a group of temples and the military zone called “Q’Allaqasa”.

    Also visit its colorful market where an artisans’ fair takes place, an exhibit and sale of fine woven crafts, colorful tapestries, handicrafts and textiles from Pisac and neighboring villages. Stop at Awanacancha, where you can meet native weavers and see South American camelid species, including llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas.

  • Included Services:
    •  Personalized Welcome
    •  Pisco Sour
    •  Welcome Gift
    •  Tea Time
    •  Wireless internet
    •  24-Hour Room Service
    •  Turndown service
    •  Welcome Drink
    •  Cocktail Hour
    •  Table Buffet Breakfast
    •  Concierge 24/7
    •  Oxygen
    •  Check-In: 1pm, Check-Out: 11am
    •  Room Service

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Inkaterra La Casona

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