Palacio Manco Capac , Peru

Palacio Manco Capac by Ananay Hotels is a hotel built on what used to be a XIX century Peruvian republican mansion in San Cristobal, Cusco, Peru.

Built on the foundations of Manco Capac’s original palace, this sumptuous house is surrounded by authentic Inca platforms and located behind the San Cristobal Church. Part of the palace wall is still standing and only a few meters away from the hotel.

The hotel has three garden view rooms, two suites with an Inca platform view, and food and beverage services. The hotel can also organize tours and transfers.

Palacio Manco Capac by Ananay Hotels - Cusco, Peru

Palacio Manco Capac, located in the center of the city, offers easy access to the sacred city of Cusco. With local modern art, rugged leather chairs and wooden accents, in a backdrop of soothing blue and green minerals, the newly renovated rooms are relaxing and inviting, with touches of the unexpected.

These rooms in the city center are also perfectly luxurious, with Italian linens, comforters and pillows of the highest quality and toiletries.

Palacio Manco Capac

The location is ideal; it is only ten minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and The Sacsayhuaman archaeological site.

The garden’s archaeological charm and the peace and quiet makes Manco Capac Palace an ideal spot for any exclusive private events you might want to consider.


The atmosphere will remind you of the Sacred Valley of the Incas with the advantage of being only a few minutes away from downtown Cusco. The quiet atmosphere, reinforced by a small eucalyptus tree forest, ensures a haven for peaceful rest and sleep.

Palacio Manco Capac Rooms:

Palacio Manco Capac Rooms


Palacio Manco Capac Rooms


Palacio Manco Capac Rooms

Junior Suite

Palacio Manco Capac Rooms

Junior Suite View

Palacio Manco Capac Rooms

Master Suite


Palacio Manco Capac

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