Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi , Peru

Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi Hotel is the starting point of your Peru adventure.

The hotel is a remodeled colonial residence from the 17th Century, which was constructed in adobe, with the most traditional aspects of its architecture carefully preserved.

The residence has 21 spacious rooms, an old water fountain made of stone and two indoor patios.


Next to the hotel´s entrance you will find the dining room where the buffet breakfast is served and a cozy hall where you will be able to check in. The rooms are located around the indoor patios, with large windows that let in the amazing colors of the Peruvian highlands. Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi Hotel is decorated with designs made by local Cusco craftsmen and is surrounded by the plants, flowers and trees of the Andes.


Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi


Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi


Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi


Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi




Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi

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