Nazca Lines , Peru

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Paracas is a small port town on the southern Pacific coast of Peru, used as a launching point for tours to Islas Ballestas and Paracas National Reservation. Because the Paracas Bay is a protected enclosure, the shallow warmer water permits marine life to flourish. It is also a good place for bird watching.

Ica is a hot, bustling city on the Peruvian coast. It is well known for its vineyards and wineries which produce both wine and Pisco, the national beverage. The city is home to the famous Huacachina Lagoon, which is surrounded by huge sand dunes and where many people try their hand at sandboarding.

The Nazca Lines are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometers, there are about 300 different figures, including animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30 meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometers, the figures are most visible from the air or nearby hilltops.

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