Hotel Vinas Quirolo , Peru

Live the experience of the only hotel in Peru in the middle of a vineyard.

Having the opportunity to live a few days surrounded by vineyards, in contact with nature, learn and enjoy wines and piscos, is part of the Queirolo experience.

Located in the Ica Valley, at the foot of the first buttresses of the Andes Mountains, surrounded by more than 500 hectares of vineyards where the vines are grown with which the Intipalka wines from the Santiago Queirolo Winery are produced, is the Hotel Viñas Queirolo.

The style of the hotel dates from the time of the republic, high ceilings, windows with wooden curtains, corridor in rococho bricks, lanterns, balusters of the time are part of the attractions of the hotel that is complemented by 45 spacious and comfortable rooms that are very well equipped.



Hotel Vinas Quirolo


Know the ideal space to go with friends or a couple, with a nice view to the interior of the hotel, which enchants for its green areas and the elegant style of republican architecture. In addition, there are family rooms at your disposal.

Hotel Vinas Quirolo


Wake up and fall in love with the vineyards in an environment that combines the majesty of the republican style with elegant finishes. Feel the magic of the land of the eternal sun in an unforgettable place.

Hotel Vinas Quirolo


With a spectacular view of the pool and the vineyards, the suites are designed in an elegant Republican style, which combines wide spaces with fine wood details and are the only rooms that incorporate an exclusive jacuzzi.



Hotel Vinas Quirolo

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