Libertador Trujillo , Peru

The Libertador Trujillo is located in the main square of the city’s historic center, overlooking the cathedral.

In the restoration of this historic Mansion, they have strived to maintain the highest level of comfort and luxury for guests, while preserving its colonial architecture, style and decoration.

Libertador Trujillo offers a range of activities that provide insight into the dimensions reached by two of the most fascinating cultures of ancient Peru, the Moche and Chimu. These activities include trips to Chan Chan, the Temples of the Sun and Moon and El Brujo, home to the famous tattooed mummy priestess.

It has 73 rooms, with two conference rooms for up to 150 people, as well as a restaurant, bar, gym, sauna, swimming pool and free parking for visitors.


Libertador Trujillo


This 22m² cozy and comfortable room, designed for you. Bed options: Superior – 1 KIng bed (22m²) Superior – 2 Twin beds (22m²) Superior handicapped – 1 king bed (22m²) Superior handicapped – 2 Twin beds (22m²)

Libertador Trujillo


This 47 m² spacious room has unrivaled views of Trujillo’s Cathedral and main square. Its beautiful and spacious original balcony of the time is perfect for a moment of relaxation or a delicious breakfast with a view.

Libertador Trujillo

Junior Suite

This 40 m² spacious and comfortable room has a living room and a beautiful view of Trujillo’s main square.

Libertador Trujillo

Suite Dúplex

This comfortable and spacious 72 m² room has a King size bed, a living room and an annex room with two Twin beds on the second floor. It is perfect for a family or a group of friends.



Libertador Trujillo

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