Narbona Wine Lodge , Uruguay

The Narbona Wine Lodge boutique hotel in Carmelo, Uruguay offers 5 exclusive rooms that combine antique decoration with modern facilities.

The wine cellar has an area of 50 hectares located in the original farm dating from 1909 where Juan de Narbona founded one of the first wineries in the country.

Today they have about 15 hectares of vineyards that are essentially Tannat, but they also have Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Viognier y Syrah.

Narbona Wine Lodge - Carmelo, Uruguay

The new cellar is surrounded by fudres of French oak and suitable for modern winemaking, but in a place that preserves an old style and artisan feeling.

You enter through an imposing plate gate with points of boats, wide stairs made of old iron.

Narbona Wine Lodge

Adobe walls inside, coated with limestone showing sea shells fossils extracted from the area. Round iron lamps coated by burlap with much originality. Dim light according to the requirements of the place.

The antique cellar originally from 1909. Next to the museum where cachilas are observed, know the old methods of vinication with cement containers where ancestral development by gravity is highlighted.

Narbona Wine Lodge Antique Cellar

It has an old Wood stove, next to a large wooden table, where we conduct tastings and private dinners. The decoration of old traditions with hanging hams, cheeses maturing and barrels where lie some of our wines in development.

Farm products at Narbona Wine Lodge include a variety of cheeses, dulce de leche, yogurt and ice cream, jam, preserved food, among others. Their recipes have created a well-defined identity over the years and generations. The taste is also demonstrated in containers with distinction, referring to the best of the past.


The hotel has 3 rooms overlooking the winery and 2 rooms overlooking the vineyards. All the rooms have King size beds, balcony and private terrace, ideal to relax enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese board of our own production.

Narbona Wine Lodge Rooms:

Narbona Wine Lodge Rooms

Pinot Noir

Narbona Wine Lodge Rooms


Narbona Wine Lodge Rooms

Sauvignon Blanc

Narbona Wine Lodge Rooms


Narbona Wine Lodge Rooms



Narbona Wine Lodge

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