Laguna Garzon Lodge , Uruguay

Laguna Garzón Lodge is the first floating hotel in Uruguay, located at the crossroads between the departments of Rocha and Maldonado and a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean.

With a limited capacity of only 12 rooms and personalized services, it is remote enough to maintain a quiet and private environment. It is also not far to enjoy the nightlife of Jose Ignacio, La Barra and Punta del Este.

A restaurant on the water standing on stilts will offer its ecological gourmet services based on fruits of the sea and the lagoon as well as natural local products.

Laguna Garzon Lodge - Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

The hotel offers a variety of ecoturism activities, such as bird watching, trekking, water sports, and wonderful beaches, all based on the respect and conservation of the natural environment.

According to guests, the experience of "floating sleep" creates a feeling of total relaxation and union with nature.

Laguna Garzon Lodge

Laguna Garzón was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1976 and is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes that can be enjoyed along the Uruguayan coast, a place with endless sunsets, separated from the ocean by just a sandbar.

Laguna Garzon Lodge Rooms:

Laguna Garzon Lodge Rooms
Laguna Garzon Lodge Rooms
Laguna Garzon Lodge Rooms

Laguna Garzon Lodge

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