Sacromonte Landscape Hotel , Uruguay

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel invites us to relax, meditate and drink wine on top of a hill that offers a 360 view of the Sierra de los Caracoles, in Maldonado, Uruguay.

Stunning views, special energy, serenity, relax and reconnecting to oneself are the components of an experience that will last in your memories.

Located at the Sierra de Carapé in Maldonado and less than an hour away from José Ignacio, Sacromonte houses an exclusive boutique retreat with only 4 casitas, which we call "Shelters".

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel - Maldonado, Uruguay

Its vineyard is nestled in the rolling hills of Maldonado in an idyllic landscape.

Sacromonte is close enough to the main attractions of Punta del Este and José Ignacio, the most exclusive seaside resort in South America, but also far enough away to take refuge from it.

Sacromonte is an invitation to contemplate a dazzling landscape, to let oneself be embraced by nature, and to know the Uruguayan wild forest at its purest. Sacromonte is wine, vineyards, landscape, architecture and sustainability, geared all in perfect synchrony.

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel

Sacromonte vineyards at the Sierra de Carapé (Maldonado) sit on steep slopes and face North. All rows are perfectly oriented at 340º NNW, to achieve maximum sun exposure in the summer months.

After opening pits in the land and performing soil analysis, specific rootstocks were selected for each plot of vineyard. All our vines came from France, from the best nurseries in Avignon, Champagne and Vix, all are "Type A" genetics conceived for the production of high-end wines.

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Vineyards

Four glass cabins, called “Refugios” or Shelters, are remarkably camouflaged across 250 acres of pristine nature. Each cabin is outfitted with mirrored glass walls to not only blend into the landscape seamlessly, but to also reflect and amplify the stunning scenery.

Whether you choose a "Refugio" nestled among the vineyards, one tucked away in the meadows, or perched on the edge of the lake, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Rooms:

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Rooms

Vineyard Shelter

Surrounded by a plot of Tannat, with the view from the top of the vineyard and the Cerro Grande on the horizon. This Shelter is ideal for those who want to feel the experience of living surrounded by a vineyard.

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Rooms

Lake Shelter

Located on the edge of a small lagoon that reflects the sunset and the moon at midnight, this refuge also has a rear view of a whole plot of Tannat vineyard. It is closer to the hotel reception than the other Shelters.

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Rooms

Sierra Shelter

A little more secluded than the other Shelters, but with a wide view of the vineyard, the Cerro Grande, and the entire property, this Shelter is ideal for those who enjoy privacy without losing contact with the landscape of the vineyard.

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Rooms

Horizon Shelter

Surrounded by meadows and with a view that dominates the valley, this refuge is ideal for those who enjoy privacy and intimate contact with nature.


Sacromonte Landscape Hotel

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