La Bendicion Lodge , Uruguay

La Bendición Lodge has an area of 1.600 hectares and is surrounded by 36 kilometers of the Rio Negro in Paso de los Toros, Uruguay.

It is located in the beautiful countryside of Uruguay that gathers a traditional country lodge with a delicate decoration in an antique style. The members of the staff are entirely dedicated to give a kind and a high quality service.

The magnificent shores that surround the lodge allow our guests to enjoy a great variety of activities, amusement and emotion.

La Bendición is a real paradise for fly fishermen enthusiast, birdwatchers and horse-riding lovers and also for those who enjoy nautical activities or like resting on beaches that, in union with the country inspired by the best of nature.

La Bendicion Lodge - Paso de los Toros, Uruguay

Every activity is in the same place and with the possibility of having different benefits during the four seasons of the year and each one with its special charm.

Surrounded by a wonderful park, the house has a beautiful gallery. With four comfortable and well decorated rooms with full board service and activities included. There is also a living room with an enormous fire-place.

La Bendicion Lodge

Two train wagons from the 1950s are completely renovated and decorated in an authentic rustic style and adapted for a very amazing stay. Each one is a real Master suite with a living bar, a deck and a private bathroom. Both wagons are in the park and near de Main House.

La Bendición Lodge Rooms:

La Bendicion Lodge Rooms
  • La Bendición Lodge Activities:
  • La Bendicion Lodge Activities

  • Fly Fishing
    In La Bendicion Lodge you will be able to fish the biggest Rainbow Tarariras (Hoplias Lacerdae) of Uruguay. The Rio Negro is known by fishermen as a very important place where it is possible to catch a specimen of up to 10 kilos most of those fish of 5, 6 or 7 kilos are considered as a trophy or an excellent size, especially in the fly fishing mode.

  • Horseback Riding
    We own criollos and 200 argentine polo horses. In the company and having the assistance of our guides you will have the possibility of exploring the 36km. of the beautiful shores in a nearly 360 grades circuit that surrounds the 1.600 hectares of the farm.

    Our guests choose the steed they will be riding on, according to their experience in horse riding. There are also well tamed ones just for people who have never ridden ones having really good moments that will remain in your memories.

  • Water Activities
    You will be able to enjoy all sorts of activities all over the 36 km. of white sand beaches surrounded by stunning landscapes, while reading, relaxing, resting on hammocks, sailing on kayaks, boats or doing active sightseeing.

    At the end of the day big fires are set and a delicious barbecue will be cooked while a wonderful sun setting can be seen on the horizon.

  • Birdwatching
    There are more than 80 different species in the country of colored birds and our Lodge offers the possibility of watching 80 of the 480 ones of Uruguay. Our passionate guides will assist you, so as you will have the opportunity to see and recognize them.


La Bendicion Lodge

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