Casa Grande Ciudad Bolívar , Venezuela

Casa Grande Ciudad Bolivar is a restored and modernized colonial gem in the old town of Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. The hotel features a gourmet restaurant and a spectacular terrace.

Casa Grande has 15 rooms and suites, all equipped with air conditioning, fan, cable TV and a private bathroom with all amenities.

Casa Grande, the beautiful two story house is listed under historical protection and restoration was carried out with attention to every detail. Casa Grande has a privileged location, since it is close to the most visited places in Ciudad Bolívar including the famous Paseo Orinoco, only 100 meters away from the hotel.

Casa Grande - Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

From the terrace you can see the impressive view over the Orinoco River and the Angostura Bridge, the first bridge built over the Orinoco. Guests can enjoy the pool, beautiful sunsets, or simply a delicious drink to cool down in the afternoon heat.

Like most colonial houses in Ciudad Bolivar, Casa Grande de Angostura attracts attention due to its radiant color. Its interior is a feast for the senses thanks to its exquisite colonial decoration.

Casa Grande Hotel Boutique has a truly excellent restaurant, where guests can enjoy a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner.

Casa Grande Ciudad Bolivar Restaurant

Its privileged location, in the historical center of Ciudad Bolívar, makes Casa Grande Boutique Hotel ideal to easily explore the colonial epoch masterpieces, like the Cathedral, the House of the Congress of Angostura, the House of Manuel Piar, the Jesus Soto Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Ciudad Bolívar.

Casa Grande Ciudad Bolivar Rooms:

Casa Grande Ciudad Bolivar Rooms


Casa Grande Ciudad Bolivar Rooms




Casa Grande Ciudad Bolívar

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