Tapuy Lodge , Venezuela

Tapuy Lodge is located lakeside on Canaima Lagoon in Venezuela with magnificent views of Hacha, Golondrina and Ucaima Falls.

Accommodations are in 16 simple, comfortable rooms with private bathrooms with hot water, air conditioning, and fan.

There is a restaurant and a bar.The grassy area in front of the lodge is a perfect place to sit back and enjoy the unique backdrop of Canaima National Park, and Canaima lagoon's cool, dark but clear water offers refreshing respite from the Gran Sabana's mid-day heat.

Tapuy Lodge - Canaima, Venezuela

Your time at Tapuy Lodge is free to explore on your own or to sign up for additional excursions. All meals are included.

Tapuy Lodge Rooms:

Tapuy Lodge Rooms
Tapuy Lodge Rooms
  • Tapuy Lodge Excursions:
  • Tapuy Lodge Excursions

  • Sapo Falls
    Leaving the Camp you will take a short walk to Ucaima dock, where a canoe will be boarded to take you upstream the Carrao River for approximately 20 minutes up Moroco Canyon to visit Sapo and Sapito waterfall.

    After a short hike through the woods, you arrive at this magnificent waterfall and have the unique opportunity to pass through to the other side behind the water curtain.

    This is really a breathtaking experience. Depending on the season, the nearby Mayupa canyon can also be visited. This place is ideal for a nice, refreshing swim.

  • Angel Falls Over Flight
    Depart in a charter flight for a thrilling 45-minute over flight of Angel Falls and the Devil's canyon. En route you will enjoy views of the Gran Sabana and Auyan Tepui. (Please note overflight is subject to weather conditions)

  • Half-day excursion to Yuri Falls
    For this excursion you leave the camp in jeeps, which will take you on a 20 minute drive through the savannah to Port Verde. Upon arrival in the port you will board a motorized wooden canoe which will take you downstream the Carrao River, alongside exuberant vegetation and beautiful landscapes.

    After 20 minutes you disembark at Yuri dock from where you will take a 15 minutes' walk to the Yuri beaches of pink quartz sands. Here you will have the opportunity to take a vitalizing swim in the water and relax on the shore, enjoying this unspoiled spot of nature.

    During the rainy season (May until early November) if the river conditions allow it, there will also be a chance to visit a native indigenous village up the Zamuro canyon.

  • Kavak with Angel Falls Overflight
    Setting off early today, a 5-passenger Cessna plane will wing you to the Kamarata Valley, located south east of Auyan-Tepui mountain, reaching the landing strip of Kavac, a small native village at the foot of a steep wall of "Auyan-Tepui" after a 30 minutes flight.

    In Kavac an indigenous guide from the village will welcome you and take you on a 2 hour walk along the river. You will have the opportunity to wade through water, walk on the river bed and take a refreshing dip in the water from time to time, until you reach the famous gorge, which holds a 600 feet narrow canyon, fed by a 300 feet waterfall between impressive walls of massive rock.

    Upon your return to the village, a delicious chicken, barbecued on sticks over an open fire, fresh salad fruit and bread are served for lunch. Before returning to the plane you will have some time to walk around the little village, buy some handcrafted souvenirs or just enjoy a moment of relaxation.

    On the flight back to the camp, if the weather allows it the pilot will deviate from his route and fly over the Angel Fall for a spectacular view from the plane, reaching the camp in the mid afternoon.


Tapuy Lodge

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