Hato El Cedral , Venezuela

Hato El Cedral is a cattle ranch located in the Muñoz Municipality of the Mantecal Parish in the Apure State, via Elorza, in the heart of the Venezuelan plain.

The climate is savanna, warm and with two distinct seasons with an average close to 30 ºC, and the level of precipitation fluctuates between 700 and 1500 mm annually.

When arriving at the entrance of the ranch, 7.2 kilometers of dykes and embankments await you, from where you can already see the wide savannahs full of wild life, this is how you get to El Campamento Matiyure .

Hato El Cedral - Apure, Venezuela

It has an incredible ecological biodiversity with an area of 53,600 hectares transformed to take advantage of the enormous tourist and agro-productive potential it has.

Hato El Cedral Rooms:

Hato El Cedral Rooms
Hato El Cedral Rooms
Hato El Cedral Rooms

Hato El Cedral

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