Los Roques , Venezuela

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The archipelago of Los Roques consists of over 365 islands that are approximately 60 miles off the north coast of Venezuela.

The area is home to coral reefs that are as of yet somewhat undiscovered by divers and fisherman. Conch and other large fish have been fished but never harvested. Nurse sharks, porcupine puffers, barracuda, Jewfish, horse-eye jacks, grey snappers, trumpet fish, whitespotted filefish, smooth trunk fish, gorgonia, and several other fish call Los Roques home. Black coral bushes, brain corals, star coral, and many other pristine hard and soft corals decorate the water to form a beautiful landscape.

Posada Albacora

On the beaches, you'll find hundreds of pelicans and terns feeding on schools of baitfish. Enjoy your time in this unique ecosystem by snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, or just relaxing on Gran Roque.

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