Posada La Gaviota , Venezuela

La Gaviota is a family-run hotel on Gran Roque, Venezuela that was a vacation home until 2003 when it became an inn.

From the moment you arrive to La Gaviota, you will feel at home and highly qualified staff will ensure that your experience in Los Roques is unique and unmatchable.

La Gaviota is located in Gran Roque, which is the largest island of the archipelago and the hotel is just 20 meters from the sea with uninterrupted views where you can see the islands of Crasqui, Noronqui and Rabusqui in the distance.

Posada La Gaviota Hotel - Gran Roque, Venezuela

The largest island of the archipelago Los Roques is called Gran Roque. It´s located to the north and is where most of population, about 1.500 inhabitants, live.

Formerly a small fishing village, but today it has become a major tourist town with more than 120 stores, 50 of which are inns, and the others are restaurants and other services stores.

Posada La Gaviota

There is no better way to end a beautiful day in paradise than seated at the candle light, with your feet in the sand, enjoying the delicious meals prepared at La Gaviota. All of our dinners are made of 3 courses: entrée, principal course, and a delicious dessert.

From this beautiful and romantic inn you can experience majestic sunsets full of colors, with sun rays illuminating everything with an almost unreal magical light with shades of orange and pink.


Sometimes, when the conditions are right, you can see up to Cordillera de La Costa, which is 80 nautical miles away.

Posada La Gaviota Hotel Rooms:

Posada La Gaviota Hotel Rooms
Posada La Gaviota Hotel Rooms
Posada La Gaviota Hotel Rooms
Posada La Gaviota Hotel Rooms

Posada La Gaviota

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