Get Fit For Your Lost World Adventures Destination

You’ve signed up for the adventure of a lifetime. Now what?


By choosing Lost World Adventures, you’ve already given yourself a head start on adventure success. Now go one step further by using a personally crafted training program designed by Marcus Shapiro, founder of Fit For Trips and approved by Lost World Adventures.

We will take great care of you while on your trip with us. Rest assured that the trip of a lifetime begins from the moment you depart on any one of our adventures. If however, you have the inclination and motivation to boost your self assurance and energy levels before you depart then here is a special option available to Lost World Adventures travelers: Consider replacing your current fitness routine with one from the experts at Fit For Trips.

We partner with Fit For Trips to offer you customized fitness programs that are crafted specifically for the activities in your itinerary.

  •  Designed to minimize training time.
  •  Crafted to maximize training safety.
  •  Customized so you stay motived and train consistently.
  •  Increase physical ability, durability and maximize your adventure with customized training programs.
  •  Instruction by audio, video, and personal support for home or gym-based training.
  •  Customized training programs adjusted to your medical history, busy schedule, level of fitness, etc.


Contact us for more information and to receive a 10% discount on your personally crafted Fit for Trips program.

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