A Belize Luxury Resort & Sailing Package

A Luxury Land & Sea Package to Belize

The best of Belize at a luxury resort and on a private yacht for
8D/7N Starting at $4775 per person

The exclusive "Butler’s Green + Blue Package" is the ultimate way to feel pampered in an exquisite yet relaxed setting.

The perfect combination of clear blue waters and deep green jungles, our newest package helps you explore the best of Belize in the picture-perfect luxury.

Ka'ana Resort Belize

Spend three nights in the impressive Two Bedroom Villa at Ka’ana Resort followed by four nights sailing on a luxury catamaran exploring the plethora of picture-perfect islands that dot our unspoiled coastline.

Both Ka’ana Resort and Belize Sailing Vacations have set the bar for providing unparalleled service, Ka’ana as Central America’s leading resort and Belize Sailing Vacations as the only fully all-inclusive, luxury sailing company in Belize. You've never experienced anything like this.

Luxury sailboat in Belize

Spend the next 4 days and nights aboard your private luxury sailing yacht, pampered by your private crew with elegant meals, open bar, air-conditioned Queen Cabins with private bathroom and shower.


Lost World Adventures itineraries can be tailor-made according to your plans and preferences: budget, hotel selections, travel dates, optional excursions, length of trip, etc.

Day 1: Belize City - Ka'ana

You will be met in Belize City by Ka’ana representatives and transferred approximately 90 minutes to the resort.

The Ka'ana Boutique Hotel is conveniently located near all major touring attractions in the Cayo District of Belize. With nearby cultural, historical and eco-adventure attractions, guests can utilize Ka'ana as an ultra-luxurious and exclusive out-post.

Adventure seekers can experience what was once the center of the Mayan Empire. From the modern, luxury amenities framed by local art and woodwork to a modern, clean design scheme that showcases the outside without allowing it inside, Ka'ana introduces inland Belize to the experiential traveler with an appreciation for comfort and luxury.

Great care and attention went into the planning and design of the accommodations. The hotel is truly Belizean inspired in its décor and there are tributes to local craftsmen in all areas of the resort. Local artist, Jorge Landero, was commissioned to convey the spirit of the Maya in the wall art.

The Art in your room will be changed on the 4th night of your stay in an attempt to expose you to even more of these local masterpieces. Elmer Panti hand crafted all the slate work, including the restaurant coasters, which are yet another example of how skilled the local craftsmen truly are.

Facilities at the hotel include La Ceiba Restaurant, Frieze Lounge, Spa.

On your final morning you will be transferred back to the Belize City airport.

The following optional tours can be booked:

Zip Lining/Cave Tubing – full day
Soar through the sub-tropical jungle canopy from treetop to treetop and gain a bird’s eye view of the rainforest below. A thrilling adventure, there are 5 runs at heights ranging up to 80 feet off the ground, culminated by rappelling down from the last treetop to the ground for that final adrenaline rush.

Guests are “outfitted in seated cable gear” and helmets by their guide, and will be instructed on how to traverse from platform to platform and reassured of the numerous safety features implemented.

The first run is the shortest distance, much like a test run, and if anyone does not want to continue they can exit at this point. Any type of sports clothing and most shoes are acceptable (no flip flops or shoes that will drop off while in the air). Make sure and bring a camera to capture the enjoyment!

Cave Tubing
After being outfitted with the necessary equipment, begin the one mile trek through sub-tropical trails, wade across a shallow portion of the river and pass through two caves before reaching a stunning lagoon surrounded by steep limestone walls. Along the way, your guide will point out various exotic flora and fauna native to Belize.

Float along the cool waters illuminated by your headlamp, gently pushed by a current or led by your guide into two large chambers - both impressive sanctuaries used by the Mayas for sacrificial rituals.

Plunge into darkness and listen to the sounds of the cascading waterfalls and bubbling rapids. Upon exiting the caves, continue floating along the jungle-lined river for approximately thirty minutes before returning to the starting point.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins – Half day
The ancient Maya ruins of Xunantunich ("Maiden of the Rock" pronounced: “Shoe-nan-too-nitch”) are accessed by a short crossing on the Mopan River on a hand-cranked chain ferry which leads to the temples, courtyard and museum.

The hills were first occupied between 400 BC and 200 BC and it wasn’t until 600 AD that Xunantunich was first used as a ceremonial site making the entire site some 1400 years old. The Xunantunich ruins are located on a natural limestone ridge offering outstanding views over the surrounding villages and into Guatemala.

This major Maya ceremonial centre features several major temples. The largest pyramid “El Castillo” has been partially excavated and explored, therefore your climb to the top is broken half way to admire the West Friese, a stunning example of Maya artisans at work.

Your expert guide will explain in great detail the culture and beliefs of the Maya, and you will see the ancient ball court where the Maya warriors often lost their heads whether they were the victors or losers! Once on top of the Xunantunich Maya ruins you will have a chance to take in the stunning views as a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding mountains and valleys opens up before you.

The climb and descent are taken slowly and with caution but the efforts of the climb are well worth the rewards. Stop on the way back at a traditional market in Succotz on the Mopan River, offering local crafts made from cloth, slate, wood, fabrics and other natural products.

Whether you want to only go to Xunantunich or combine this with other tours, we can customize the experience to meet your needs. 

Tikal Mayan Ruins – Full day
Tikal (“City of Echoes”) is the largest known City remaining from the ancient Maya civilization and was considered the greatest metropolis in the Maya Kingdom.

It holds ruins comprising over 3,000 astounding structures set in 55 square kilometers / 21 sq. miles and situated in Guatemala’s largest protected area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Your tour day will begin with a 6:30am “Tikal Breakfast” and prompt departure at 7am. You will then get to compare the border towns of Benque Viejo in Belize and Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala.

On the ride to the Tikal ruins in Guatemala you will already see the differences in the two countries. Views along the transition can vary from wild pigs and exotic birds in flight to Mayas dressed in traditional clothing and carrying over-sized water pots on their heads.

Tikal is the best understood of any of the large lowland Maya cities, with a long dynastic ruler list, the discovery of the tombs of many of the rulers on this list and within the city are fine examples of the discovered temples and courtyards of these rulers, as well as many residential complexes.

Your expert tour guide will impress you with an extensive knowledge of every aspect of Maya life as it existed from before 1,000 BC until it fell after 1,000 AD. Take a gentle amble through the rainforest primary growth and hear the famous Howler monkeys. Sightings of Spider monkeys are possible as well as Toucans and other exotic birds. Lunch is served in one of the local eateries before heading back to the luxury of Ka’ana.

The rewards of this phenomenal experience are absolutely worth the journey.

Caracol ruins - Full day
Caracol ruins ("snail") are considered to represent the largest Maya city in Belize and home to the largest man-made structure in the country. Depart at 7:00am for an adventure deep into the jungles of the Maya Mountains, habitat to wild animals such as tapirs, jaguars, monkeys, toucans, and scarlet macaws.

In the years past, it used to take 2 days by horseback to reach the Caracol Maya ruins! Thankfully the journey is now less than two hours and is filled with stunning scenery along the way. Visit ancient courtyards, ball courts, residential complexes and a complete astronomical observatory.

Over 100 tombs have been uncovered to date. One of the best preserved is that of an adult woman (believed to be the wife of Lord Water – the ruler who conquered Tikal). Carved stelae detail victories by Caracol over rival Maya cities of Tikal and Naranjo. Your expert guide will lead you from small relics through partial structures building up to the finale. Caana (Sky Place) is Caracol’s tallest structure, standing over 140 feet 42 metres above the jungle canopy, where visitors can climb to the top and marvel at 360 panoramic views of the jungle, below.

Simply stunning, the views from the top are incredibly unique and will represent the memory of a lifetime. Afterwards you can enjoy a refreshing swim at Rio On Pools. Formed by granite boulders, this series of natural swimming pools is a popular spot to unwind and cool off. The majestic boulders provide a beautiful resting place to enjoy the end of the day.

Barton Creek Cave Canoe Tour
You arrive at Barton Creek Cave after an enjoyable drive across rivers, jungle trails, orange orchards, through the Mennonite Community of Barton Creek – be sure to have a smile and a wave for the horse drawn buggies.

Hidden within this small Community, are the remnants of an ancient Maya civilization silently waiting to be explored in the cool, dark watery underground caverns of Barton Creek Cave, which was a center for ritualistic activities including human sacrifices, fertility rites and bloodletting.

Stretching nearly two miles underground, this ancient wonder can be explored only by canoe. Drift along and marvel at the glittering stalactites and stalagmites, some 50 feet (15 m) in length. Littered with the eerie remains of human bones, centuries old clay pots, some in perfect form, and tiny remnants of cultural Maya artifacts.

Take a plunge in the cold underground river if you dare for a truly incredible experience.

Horseback riding
Experience a departure from the traditional horseback riding tour when you visit the private ranch of the Santiago Juan family.

Ride across an open pasture towards the bank of the Mopan River and be led by Luis, your personal guide and ranch hand. An exciting river crossing takes you off the beaten path and on an eye-opening ride that reveals a different, slower way of life.

Included in the tour is a stop at a yet-unexcavated Mayan site on the ranch. Luis will provide the history of the area while you dismount your horses and hike to the top of a Maya mound. From that vantage point, you will have a 360 degree view of the valleys and mountains as well as peek at the excavated Maya city of Xunantunich.

This tour can be done in a half day or extended for a full day to include a private picnic a first-hand view of the ranch-hands at work.

Days 2, 3: Ka'ana

Days at leisure. 

Day 4: Transfer to Cucumber Beach Marina

Board your private catamaran and set sail.  For the next four days you will be pampered by a dedicated crew, served gourmet meals and have access to the open "ship's bar" with beer, rum cocktails and wine with dinner. Overnight will be in air-conditioned Queen Cabins with private bathroom and shower. 

Days 5 - 7: Ambergris Caye

Days at leisure aboard the yacht. Kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling and fishing equipment will be provided. 

Day 8: San Pedro, Ambergris Caye - Belize City

Disembark in Belize City and transfer to the airport for your international departure.


Price from $4,775.00 per person, based on double occupancy
Days 8
Nights 7

Total Price Based On 4 Passengers

Ka'ana Resort:

  • Private road transfer from the airport
  • 3 Nights Accommodation for 4 people in our gorgeous Two Bedroom Villa Private Pool Villa with Personal Butler, Private Garden, Personal Plunge Pool, and Outdoor Shower
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner in your villa or at our on-site La Ceiba Restaurant
  • One Mixology Class 
  • One full day tour of your choice: the Mayan ruins of Caracol or Tikal, a thrilling cave tubing & ziplining adventure, or the once-in-a-lifetime Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
  • One half day tour of your choice: a cave tubing experience, a relaxing horseback ride through the jungle, or the incredible Xunantunich Mayan ruins
  • Private road transfer to Cucumber Beach Marina


  • 4 nights of all-inclusive sailing aboard a luxury catamaran (44ft to 50ft based on your selection)
  • A dedicated crew of an experienced Captain and Chef / 1st mate
  • Elegant cuisine including breakfast, lunch, canapes, dinner & dessert
  • Open "ships bar", including beers, rum cocktails and wine with dinner
  • Stunning air-conditioned Queen Cabins with private bathroom and shower
  • Equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and much more
  • Transfer to Belize International Airport

Service charge, gratuities and taxes included

  • International airfare
  • Alcoholic drinks and other beverages are not included in the honeymoon package price aside from the complimentary cocktail and wine

"Our travel agent put a fabulous trip together for us."

I usually plan our trips myself, however, I decided to use a travel agent because I was unfamiliar with Belize. Everything was perfectly planned. We had an incredible, carefree vacation and I would definitely use this travel agency again. 


- Suzanne P, Dec 2016

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