All Brazil Itineraries

  • from $3471


    Brazil: Pantanal & Bonito Highlights

    An immersion into nature at two Pantanal lodges and several days exploring the unique natural wonders of Bonito.

  • from $4198


    Brazil: Upscale Pantanal & Bonito

    See the best nature Brazil has to offer with the best guides while based at upscale lodges and hotels.

  • from $3913


    Beaches Of Brazil

    Combine three of Brazil's best beach areas - Copacabana, the romantic resort town of Buzios, world-class Praia do Forte - with a visit to the awe-inspiring waterfalls at Iguacu.

  • from $4635


    Brazil Grand Nature Tour

    The best of Brazil's natural history combines 3 diverse ecosystems: breathtaking Iguacu Falls, the wildlife of the Pantanal grasslands, the Amazon rainforest.

  • from $3979


    Jaguar Safari - Baiazinha Lodge & Araras Eco Lodge

    Jaguar spotting program in the northern Pantanal.

  • from $2495


    Incredible Brazil

    Experience three diverse parts of Brazil: exotic Rio de Janeiro at a Copacabana beach hotel, the majestic Iguacu Falls, deep in the remote Amazon River jungle at an all-inclusive lodge.

  • from $4990


    SouthWild Pantanal Extreme Jaguar Safari

    Seven days in Jaguarland at the Southwild Jaguar Retreat and the SouthWild Pantanal Lodge.

  • from $3979


    Brazil Tour Package - Pantanal & Amazon

    Explore the Pantanal and Amazon of Brazil and combine the two best locations in the Americas to watch wildlife.

  • from $4995


    Rio, Iguacu & the Amazon

    Rio de Janeiro, Iguacu Falls and a 4-day Amazon River cruise.

  • from $2363


    Big Cities - Rio To Buenos Aires

    Visit two of the world's great cities - Rio, the 'Marvelous City' and Buenos Aires, the 'Paris of South America' - and witness the spectacular Iguazu Falls up close.

  • from $1728


    All Brazil Tour Package

    Visit Rio, the Amazon, Lençois Maranhenses National Park and Salvador with a small group of enthusiastic travelers.

  • from $3395


    Tucano - 6-night "Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon"

    Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon is different from all other cruises offered in the Amazon, it is an “expedition cruise”.

  • from $2440


    Trekking Brazil: Lencois Maranhenses and Sao Luis

    A 6-day itinerary with 3 days of hiking in Lencois Maranhenses National Park to Baixa Grande, Queimada dos Britos, Betania.

  • from $1969


    Chapada Diamantina National Park Tour

    Explore the mesas, canyons, valleys, caves, waterfalls and trails of Chapada Diamantina National Park.

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