Mexico Copper Canyon Trek

Mexico Copper Canyon Trekking Expedition

Immersion into the indigenous Raramuri culture and trekking the spectacular Copper Canyon for
9D/8N Starting at $2885.00 per person

  • Mexico Copper Canyon Trekking Expedition Highlights:
  • Copper Canyon Mexico
  • Chepe train through Sierra Tarahumara – Exceptional engineering work built in the past century, is the only passenger train in Mexico.
  • Cultural immersion, with the “Ball Race” celebration; participants will share with local people and experience firsthand one of their most traditional celebrations and their preparation.
  • Immersion in to Raramuri (Tarahumara) indigenous culture as we hike and camp on their territories; as well northern Mexico culture and their syncretism.
  • Chance to be part of Copper Canyon spectacular landscapes. This hike goes from the rim to the bottom of the deepest canyon of the system.
  • Ancestral trails just used by the local inhabitants that are used to travel to remote ranches and farms.
  • Wide biodiversity due to more than 5,900ft of altitude difference.


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Day 1 : Los Mochis Airport - Transfer to El Fuerte 

You will be met at the airport and transfer to the charming colonial gateway to the Copper Canyon, El Fuerte. Check in at the beautiful historic lodge and then roam the cobblestone streets for a taste of old northern Mexico. Relax and wander this quaint and historical city. Meet guide at 5:00 PM in hotel lobby for the trek briefing. Group dinner included tonight.

Overnight Hotel El Fuerte, dinner and breakfast included.

Day 2 : El Fuerte - Chihuahua al Pacifico “Chepe” train through Sierra Tarahumara 

All aboard the world famous Chihuahua al Pacifico train trip into the Sierra Madre Mountains. This comfortable first class train leads through dozens of tunnels and over countless bridges with exceptional opportunities for taking pictures or just enjoying the view. Lunch is on your own in the restaurant car.

We arrive in the early afternoon to the community of Areponapuchi (7,260 ft). It’s a short 10 minute transfer to the rustic and comfortable community cabins where we will spend the night.

For the afternoon we have an optional short hike around the area where we can visit the Copper Canyon Adventure Park that has the longest zipline in the world (8,350ft) besides other attractions. We will back at the cabins for a homemade dinner.

** Included: 1st class El Chepe Train Ticket from El Fuerte to Posada Barrancas **

Overnight Areponapuchi Community Cabins, Double Cabin, breakfast included.

Day 3 : Copper Canyon - Trek to Guitayvo / Preparation for Ball Race Celebration 

After breakfast we load up the vehicles and transfer to the trailhead at San Rafael (7,425ft). We then load up the mules and begin our walk through the rolling hills of the high sierra.

We arrive at Guitayvo (7,590ft) in the afternoon. Guityavo is a very welcoming indigenous community located on a mesa on the rim of the canyon with spectacular views, after some relax time we will have the chance to start our immersion in the raramuri culture.

The locals will show us the way they make the wooden ball that is kicked for the men's race; the “Palillo”, a stick used to take out the ball when it gets stocked; the sappy wood torches for the night. For the women's race they will need a pair of little loops called “Arihueta”. They are made out of branches wrapped in a piece of cloth and attached to each other. Also they will teach us to make sandals with car tires and leather straps.

Duration: 4-5 hours. Elevation gain/loss: 1,655ft / 1,200ft.

Overnight: Guitayvo Community Eco-Cabins

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner included today.

Day 4 : Copper Canyon - Cultural Immersion Traditional Ball Race Celebration

Today is the day of the traditional races: Arihueta for women and Rarajipari for men, it requires an early start for women that will cook food for the runners and the community; the food will be eaten while running and also after the races.

Each race is run by two teams and each one will kill and cook a goat, make tortillas and a cooked corn-based beverage for the runners. The “cabecillas” team leaders will organize the bets and the terms for the races. We are welcome to participate at any of the activities during the day.

There is an optional hike that goes to some awesome lookouts of the canyon.

The races will be in the mid-afternoon, first the women and later on the men. For the races we are invited to run, support them with torches (men race at night), giving them food, cheering or just watch them run. Once the races are over, and it will take some hours, the team that won take the bets and there will be some music, dance and food for celebration.

Overnight: Guitayvo Community Eco-Cabins.  

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner included today.

Day 5 : Copper Canyon - Trek from Guitayvo to Huemanchi

Yesterday was a long day, so we will take it easy today. Once everybody is ready we will continue our hiking adventure as we continue navigating around the mesa of Guitayvo and we drop down into an arroyo (river bed) and then climb gradually up the side of a canyon passing through a trail perched on the rim.

The mystical tranquility of this alpine region is reinforced by the wind whistling through the pine needles. Camp tonight will be in a ravine close to a small ranch and a house that belongs to a Raramuri family (6,620ft.).

Duration: 4-5 hours. Elevation gain/loss: 1085ft / 2150ft.

Overnight tent camping at Huemanchi.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner included today.

Day 6 : Copper Canyon - Trek to Chihuirabo

Today we will stay on top of mesas and saddles as we connect with the Urique Canyon. The trail affords stupendous views and we really hit our stride as we walk along the ridge that spills down into the incredible Copper Canyon.

We arrive to the small ranch of Chihuirabo (7,720ft) in the late afternoon. Today’s camp has one of the most spectacular views of the canyons and no tourists at all. Dinner will be right on the rim as we admire the sunset.

Duration: 7-9 hours. Elevation gain/loss: 2525ft  / 1475ft.

Overnight tent camping at Chihuirabo.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner included today.

Day 7 : Copper Canyon - Trek to El Naranjo/ Cerocahui

We now enter the Urique Canyon proper through a side canyon. The views from the ridge looking down are spectacular and we carefully navigate the steep descent with plenty of stops to observe the quickly changing vegetation.

We make our way towards Naranjo (3,894ft), where we are greeted by the friendly people that live there.

After enjoying the views from the bottom of the canyon and the route we took to get there, we will load our gear into the vehicle and head down to the town of Urique with time to check out this wild west mining outpost.

In the afternoon, we will climb out of the canyon by vehicle up impressive switchback road to the high sierra and our own private lodge at Cerocahui where our clean clothes and a hot fire are waiting for us!

Duration: 5 1/2-7 hours. Elevation gain/loss: 900ft / 4,525ft.

Overnight San Isidro lodge, Standard room, breakfast included.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner included today.

Day 8 : Copper Canyon - Cerocahui and Chihuahua

After breakfast we will have an optional hike (approx. 2 hours) to get from the cabins to the town of Cerocahui.

After a stop to see Cerocahui Mission, we will drive to Chihuahua passing by Divisadero in case we want to have a last view of the canyons or do an activity at Parque de Aventura, another optional stop is at Creel, a frontier logging outpost turned tourist center, where you can find crafts made by the raramuri, souvenirs, maps, music, etc.

You will eat lunch along the way and the arrival at Chihuahua city will be by the evening. Once you register into the comfortable lodge you will have some time to relax before the farewell dinner fiesta.

Elevation gain/loss: 330ft / 1890ft.

Overnight Quality Inn Chihuahua, San Francisco, breakfast Included.

All meals included today.

Day 9 : Departure

Transfer to the airport for your departing flight.


Price from $2,885.00 per person, based on double occupancy
Days 9
Nights 8

"Andrew really listened to what I wanted, then got creative with my non-negotiables, making everything viable."

His company has a great reputation with the local tour operators, making them anxious to please.


- Jean S, Apr 2013

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