Ivanov Hinojosa Echegaray

My name is Ivanov Hinojosa Echegaray. I was born in the city of Cusco, and I attended elementary and secondary school at a private school called "La Merced". Afterwards I studied for a professional career in tourism in the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco, obtaining a degree as a licensed tourism professional.

While studying, I worked as a bellboy and receptionist in hotels in Cusco. I also worked as a transfer representative for various travel agencies for 2 years, responsible for the reception, orientation and departures of the passengers for each service.

I guided on the Inca Trail for 6 years, leading groups from Cusco to Machupicchu, along the roads to Salkantay, Choquequirao, Ausangate among others.

I have also worked as a tour leader, responsible for receiving passengers in the city of Lima and accompanying them throughout their journey to Lima, Ica, Nazca, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco and taking them back to Lima to their respective international flights.

Currently I am dedicated to guiding more in the department of Cusco, taking groups to visit Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Inca city of Machu Picchu, the southern valley and all local archaeological areas.

I have experience in tour leading, guiding, hotel work and in management of travel agencies.

I regularly attend continuing education courses offered by the professional institution to which I belong (Colegio de Licenciados en Turismo del Perú).

Some time ago I discovered that I love my work, and I will not hesitate to say that it is one of the best things that has happened in my life.


Dohali Yuly Gaona Saravia 

My name is Dohali Gaona Saravia and I was born in 1979 in the City of Cusco, also known as the Capital of the Incas. From a young age I felt a great admiration for the Inca culture and this motivated me to start studying tourism at the Tupac Amaru Institute.

From my early years as a student in 1996 I started working as an intern tour guide with EMUFEC (a company that orients their actions to the revaluation, preservation and diffusion of the Annual Calendar of Traditional Events of Cusco) and nowadays as a professional guide showing visitors the marvels of the Incas as well as other Peruvian Pre-Columbian cultures.

When guiding I always try to focus on the history and personal stories behind each destination and by doing I try to trigger the fascination of the visitors and hope they feel the same kind of interest and passion I feel for these cultures from the past.

What Are Your Strengths As A Guide?

In the 14 years I have been a guide I am glad to always have been able to count on the support and assistance of the different companies I have worked for.

From a professional point of view I like working with passengers a lot and always try to provide them with a personalized service even if this would mean going the extra mile and have to put in some of my free time. This also allows me to, more often than not, become friends with the people I am guiding.

My Personal Achievements are:

I have given interviews to a local TV channel with regards to my knowledge and experiences as a tour guide and have created a tourist network and route for the Emufec Company. I have guided several public figures from both the political as well as the showbiz world.

What are your skills?

I have a high level of communicative skills which allow me to easily get in contact with people and relate to them as well as the situation they would find themselves in. If presented with a problem I have an analytical mindset that allows me to easily analyze the issue and find possible solutions.

I am very aware of the importance to listen to your passengers and take into consideration the facts they have been presented with. This allows me to act adequately whether the issue is a true issue or a perceived issue. In any case, I find it paramount that issues with passengers always have to be dealt with in the politest and most responsible form with a focus on the passenger satisfaction.

I am a true team player meaning that my personal interest come second to the interests of the team working with.

What about your goals in the short and long terms?

In the future I would like to publish a book about the myths and legends of the Incas, visit and understand many of the other archaeological sites to be found on the planet and be one of the best guides on an international level.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Write a book about the myths and legends of the Incas. Volunteer in local rural communities. Read books to amplify my knowledge about the Peruvian culture. Play guitar and listen to music. Watch football and enthusiastically support my favorite team by shouting Gooooooooooooool whenever I can. Prepare sweets and pies and share these with my friends and family.

What would you like to share with the clients?

My profound respect and admiration for Peru and share my knowledge of ancient cultures and the amazing archaeological structures they have left us. My knowledge of the local traditions, myths and legends that make Peru such a unique destination. I feel that by sharing these stories you allow visitors to grasp the Peruvian culture and have a greater understanding of what Peru stands for.

The knowledge I have about Peruvian weaving and local handicrafts is another facet of Peru I like to share with my passengers. I like to share my knowledge about the Peruvian geography and fauna and flora, largely responsible for the Peru as we know it today.

I feel that, as a good Peruvian, my interest and fascination of the Peruvian culinary wealth is something that I have to share with my passengers; especially as Peruvian culture often is best experienced through the stomach.

Puno, Lake Titicaca

José Domingo Bustinza Chipana

My full name is JOSÉ DOMINGO BUSTINZA CHIPANA. I was born, raised and studied in Puno. I am of Quechua origin and speak it quite fluently, it being my mother tongue. I speak English as well. I am an Official Tour Guide from the Public Technological Institute "José Antonio Encinas" - Puno (1984 - 1987) and received a Bachelor in Sociology from the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano - Puno (1989 - 1993).

I have worked as a Tour Guide since graduating in 1987. When guiding I use my knowledge of sociology with my archaeological researches. I have published a book: ARTE RUPESTRE EN EL VALLE DE SALCEDO (Puno,1991) and the Scientific Article: Cutimbo and Mallku Amaya: Ande Peruvianne (Milan, 1994) for the Speleological Society of Italy.

Currently I'm preparing a new book about THE BIRDS OF LAKE TITICACA.

I enjoy working with highly qualified professionals in the fields Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Sociology, Ethnography and Birdwatching as well, which offers me a great opportunity to share current and new information in these subjects around our country and the Andes.

My main strengths are adaptability and patience learning and developing new experiences and skills.

I am a good musician, a good swimmer and teller of tales.

Puno, Lake Titicaca

Ruben Erasmo Ccalla Ccalla

I'm Ruben Ccalla, a native of Puno. I was born in nearby Juliaca. My family moved to Lima, where I went for my elementary education. Later, I attended technical school and studied tourism, getting my degree as an Official Tour Guide. I started as a free-lance tour guide in Lima. I have taken specialized courses in archaeology, history, colonial history, religious art and iconography.

I studied English at ICPNA and French at Alianza Francesa in Lima. I speak Quechua, my mother language, which always amazes tourists, as they listen while visiting our communities.

My interests continually update my knowledge and keep my local traditions alive. That's why I'm one of the thousand of dancers that celebrate the most outstanding religious festival we celebrate every year in Puno, declared a World Heritage Site a few years ago (Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria).

I have been working as tour guide in Puno for more than 15 years.

Puno, Lake Titicaca

Maritza Zofia Calisaya Chuquimia

I am Maritza Calisaya. I was born in Juli "The Little Rome of South America".

I attended high school in Juli and graduated in the University "Inca Garcilazo de la Vega" in Lima with a degree in tourism.

I started working as an official guide in 1981 and also worked as a teacher of tourism at high schools in Puno.

As a guide, I specialize in mysticism and esotericism.

Every 8th of December, in our community of Juli, we dance in honor to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception as well as on the first fortnight of February each year during the Feast in honor of Virgin of Candelaria, patron of the city of Puno, that is the largest and most important cultural, musical and dancing event by Peru.

I am fluent in Spanish, English, and Aymara.

Puno, Lake Titicaca

Edmundo Antonio Cabezas Oruna

I was born in the city of Lima, Peru.

I started and finished studies in Industrial Controls (Pneumatic, electricity, logic controls, electronics, etc. in SENATI (Thecnologycal), then I started (but not finished) studies in Fishery in the Federico Villarreal University. At same time I was working in the Universidad Católica del Perú in the communications area as a sound technician.

I got an scholarship in communications in the Puerto Rico´s Radio Observatory.

I moved from Lima to Puno in the 80´s. In the University of Puno, I start studies in Biology but then I changed to Tourism because I was working already in a small Travel Company. Since then already graduated and as a free lance I work with different Travel Companies in English and Italian. I´m part time teacher in a local university as well.

Costa Rica

Dauren Hidalgo Torres

Hello friends, my name is Dauren Hidalgo Torres. The place where I live is surrounded by nature and volcanoes, lakes and wildlife.

I share all of this with my wife Guadalupe and my two sons, Fabian and Matias. Some of my hobbies are hiking, running, biking, bird watching - and one of them is my job - guiding around our little piece of heaven on earth: Costa Rica! I have done this for more than 22 years and I believe it will always  amaze me, in each new thing we see and in each of the activities we do.

Although I haven't traveled much outside my country - only to Nicaragua, Panama and Mexico - the way I like to learn about and travel around these countries is always with a local guide. Someone who can show you the authentic behavior of the people, the way they live, eat and dream, and take you to all the places they normally visit “as locals”! The mix of experiences while traveling makes me a better tourist and a better person.

That is why I try to be authentic “costarricense” when I am working as a guide with my guests from abroad, and proud of my country, showing them all the things we have, small and huge. So, come to Costa Rica, join us on a tour, and let us share with you and your family how is it to be a “costarricense” and live pura vida!

Costa Rica

Julio Madriz

Julio's more than 20 years experience in the field has given him great and positive results while guiding his groups in Costa Rica! A man native to a rural area and coming from a family of farmers, Julio learned at an early age how to understand the natural world around him.

After completing high school in his home town, he moved to the capital city of San José to attend the University, where he spent four years studying microbiology. While trekking through forests in many habitats, the observation of all sources of wildlife keeps his interests alive.

When guiding visitors he incorporates this knowledge when describing all creatures and their strategies to exist. Ropes climbing training to access the canopy world, assisting in filming documentaries, collecting samples for different science projects, collecting data for specialized bio-acoustic scientists, among other jobs, give Julio a great knowledge to share.

He loves to be in good shape, that's why Julio's main hobbies are outdoor activities like running, biking. He also enjoys reading articles and books related to nature.

Costa Rica

Jackie Garcia

Jackie Garcia has 9 years experience as a Naturalist Guide with a vast knowledge leading international groups in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

She is interested in working with and for people. Dedicated, patient and open-minded with an eye for details. Highly interested in culture, people and nature. For her, being able to show and to teach the magic of her country to her travelers is one of the best things about being a guide.

She has been always in love with the outdoors - she likes hiking, trail running and water sports. Since she was a child she has practiced different sports such as volleyball, running, surfing and biking. She now has over two years practicing Crossfit on her free time, something that pushes her out of her comfort zone.

She also loves to travel with trips to the USA and Europe, adding more new places to her list.

Costa Rica

Roy Valverde

Roy has been a passionate nature interpreter and birdwatcher who has worked in nature-based tourism as a certified professional guide for 10 years.

A committed advocate for the protection of Costa Rica’s tropical forests, he has developed an extensive knowledge regarding environmental conservation. Roy is also well-versed in pre-Columbian cultures, history, and research. On trips he leads, he loves teaching travelers about the little details hidden within the flora and fauna, involving them in the discovery and excitement of life in the various bio regions.

He makes each visitor’s experience in the tropics unique and memorable by involving travelers in the customs and culture of the local people. On his free time, Roy can be found hiking with his wife and friends in national parks and other forested areas, and bird watching up and down the country adding new species to his personal list. This passion for birds pushed him to travel to Panama, Guatemala and to the exuberant Cocos Island, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

In 2016, Roy began designing and building furniture using recycled materials, such as wood pallets, something that has become an extremely fulfilling hobby for him.

Among his other hobbies are reading, wildlife photography, and volunteering time to work with law enforcement teams to reduce poaching in protected areas in Costa Rica


Alejandro Frango

Alejandro is a literature and philosophy teacher who also spends his time writing, painting, and guiding tours. He is the proud creator of the Borges Literary Walk, the Labyrinth Guide, the Four Balconies Tour and many more.

He recently has created a new genre of tours; the gastrophyic tour. This is a mix of art, good food and the philosophy of eating well. He also runs tours surround Jewish Heritage and one called the Trail of Wine, which traces Jesuit Missionary history through Buenos Aires.


Dolores Elkin

Doloes is an archaeologist and lecturer at UBA, the University of Buenos Aires. She was nominated Woman of the Year in 1998 due to her work on the Goleta Swift in Puerto Deseado.

She has been part of countless excursions and excavations in Argentina, and received high professional praise for her work. Notably, she has represented Argentina five time to UNESCO with the aim of protecting our sub-aquatic legacy.


Marcelo Weissel

Marcelo is also an archaeologist from UBA. He is currently investigating and excavating sites in Buenos Aires. Both his vocation and his linguistic ability allow Marcelo to be a great guide.

You can visit his museum in La Boca, wherein his own work is displayed.

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