Amazon / Rainforest / Jungle

Recommended Equipment List for Amazon / Rainforest / Jungle

This is a basic packing list. These items are essential to ensure comfort and safety.

It is best to pack light for your time at Amazon jungle lodges - we recommend each passenger carry a single piece of luggage (small-to-medium size) to the lodge. Excess luggage can be kept securely at the lodge office during your time at the lodge. 

  •  Lightweight, quick-dry, long-sleeved shirts
  •  Lightweight, quick-dry, long pants
  •  Rain jacket or poncho
  •  Hat with brim and chin strap
  •  Swimming attire
  •  Insect repellant
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Personal toiletries and medications
  •  Small flashlight or headlamp
  •  Water bottle
  •  Binoculars (some lodges provide binoculars for guests)


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