Galapagos Islands

Recommended Equipment List for the Galapagos Islands

This is a basic packing list. These items are essential to ensure comfort and safety.

  •  Water shoes/sandals
  •  Day pack
  •  Comfortable walking/hiking shoes
  •  Lightweight, quick-dry shirts (long and short-sleeved)
  •  Lightweight, quick-dry pants (long and short pants)
  •  Lightweight rain jacket or poncho
  •  Hat with brim and chin strap
  •  Swimming attire
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Personal toiletries and medications
  •  Water bottle
  •  Insect repellant
  •  Binoculars (optional, but very useful for spotting wildlife)


Travel Tips
Have small bills in your cash supply for tipping. Some vendors are reluctant to give change on larger bills.
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