Places to stay


Cara Lodge

A unique and historic boutique hotel. Built in the 1840's, Cara Lodge is one of Georgetown's oldest and grandest structures and is the best-known and most popular hotel in Guyana.

Karanambu Lodge

Karanambu encompasses approximately 110-square miles of savannah, marshy ponds, riparian forest, and a 30-mile stretch of the Rupununi River.

Atta Rainforest Lodge

Atta Rainforest Lodge sits in an opening in the Iwokrama Rainforest and offers a complete immersion in the rainforest experience.

Surama Eco-lodge

Guyana’s community-owned lodge introduces you to the Amerindian way of life. Much like a home-stay, your needs will be looked after by villagers who treat every guest like a family member.

Iwokrama River Lodge

Nestled on the banks of the majestic Essequibo River in the heart of Guyana is the award-winning Iwokrama River Lodge and Research Centre.

Rewa Eco-Lodge

Located in Central Guyana in one of the most pristine eco-systems on Earth, Rewa Eco-lodge is a nature lovers' dream.

Rock View Lodge

Nestled between the Amerindian villages of Annai and Rupertee where the Pakaraima foothills meet the tropical rainforest, Rock View Lodge offers comfortable lodging, outdoor and cultural activities.

Waikin Ranch

Waikin Ranch offers breathtaking savannah views and is easily accessible year-round from the border town of Lethem, Guyana – the official Guyana border to Brazil by just a scenic 30 minute drive.

Caiman House Field Station

Caiman House Field Station is located in Guyana where, in high-water years, the Amazon, Essequibo, and certain of their tributaries overflow and mix.

Kabalebo Nature Resort

Kabalebo Nature Resort is situated on the Kabalebo River in the western region of Suriname, and 150 miles from the nearest road or village.
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