Expedition Cruises and Small Ship Sailing

Forget large mega-vessels!  Exploring by small ship gets travelers into more remote and pristine parts of our world.   Lost World Adventures offers small ship cruises to Antarctica, the Amazon, and of course the Galapagos Islands. 

from $1580.00

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Motor Yacht Tucano


The Tucano is the only vessel that explores far into the world’s largest Amazon reserve and the only expedition cruise in a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site: The Central Amazon Conservation Complex.

from $1120.00

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M/V Desafio


A great 34-meter three-masted sailing ship providing the highest standard service in exploring the Amazon with privacy, comfort and the unique intimacy of sharing the experience of a lifetime.

Travel Tips
Try to pick up at least a few basic greetings, directional questions, and common curiosities in the native language(s) before you leave for your trip.
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