Aqua Nera

Inaugural Voyage: July 2020

Embrace distinctive Amazon style and luxury aboard our brand-new river cruise ship: Aqua Nera.

Setting a new standard for luxury river cruising on the Amazon, Aqua Nera draws design inspiration from the Peruvian Amazon’s mystical blackwater lagoons and bears the hallmarks of contemporary style and generous interiors that Aqua Expeditions cruise ships are known for.

Aboard the Aqua Nera, award-winning architects Noor Design crafts every space to perfection. The vessel’s 20 spacious Design Suites convey a sense of Amazon tranquility, while the social spaces showcase refined elegance with a touch of drama. Tastefully woven into the design are accents and details from the rubber boom era and the colorful cultures of Portugal, Spain and Peru.

Aqua Nera Amazon Cruise Activities

Aqua Nera operates alongside the Aria Amazon, taking guests into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon in the comfort of luxury and featuring cuisine by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s finest chefs, known for creating refined cuisine from native Amazonian produce. Expert naturalist guides conduct small group excursions that reward guests with up-close wildlife encounters in the world’s most bio diverse rainforest.

On the Aqua Nera, our partnership with chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino continues. Expect sumptuous and refined Peruvian cuisine orchestrated with native Amazonian ingredients that impart a multi-sensory dimension to your journey unlike any other cruise.

Aqua Nera Amazon Cruise Cuisine

Equal measures of luxurious style and immaculate comfort on board the Amazon’s finest cruise ship With a distinctive design philosophy and a spacious layout, Aqua Nera is built for ultimate enjoyment and relaxation on the Amazon river, with amenities that are second-to-none.

  • Aqua Nera Peruvian Amazon Cruise — Amenities:
  • Observation Deck
    Opening up to the vast Amazon sky, the observation deck on both ends of the Aqua Nera is the highest vantage point aboard the cruise ship and the ideal place for guests to observe life on the river and riverbanks. This is also a perfect spot for photography and birdwatching when the ship sails closer to shore.

  • Outdoor Lounge and Bar
    Admire expansive views of the Amazon with a cocktail or two at the outdoor lounge areas, which are located at both the bow and the stern of the cruise ship and outfitted with comfortable loungers. Or sit barside and strike up a conversation with our friendly bartender. Plenty of shade is offered at the bow lounge area, thanks to Aqua Nera’s soaring sun canopy that also provides shelter to the ship’s river-facing plunge pool.

    In the evenings, Amazonia’s legendary sunsets draw guests to the open-air decks. Return to the outdoor lounge after dinner for stargazing, outdoor cinema screenings, or endless conversations as the river settles into a soothing peace and quiet.

  • Private Screening Room
    Enhance any Amazon river cruise journey with our selection of classic films about this exotic region. Our cruise director will be happy to organize a private screening for up to ten guests here or on the Observation Deck.

    The Private Screening Room also sees guests gather for private lecture, videos, and documentaries to learn about the fascinating cultures on their Amazon river journey.

  • Indoor Lounge and Bar
    With an inviting ambiance tastefully blending modern and classic elements, the Aqua Nera’s indoor lounge is the focal point of the top deck for social activities. Luxurious lounge sofas let guests relax in air-conditioned comfort while sipping on the drink of choice from the bar.

  • Dining Room
    Pair the Amazon’s stunning scenery with chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s show-stopping cuisine at the refined Dining Room, stylishly adorned with colorful accents from the Peruvian culture. Choose to make dinner date night, or dine family-style as we deliver a five-star dining experience from start to finish.

  • Outdoor Pool
    Let the jacuzzi plunge pool’s cool soothing waters take the edge off Amazonian heat after a jungle or skiff excursion. Located at the bow of the Aqua Nera, the outdoor pool is well shielded from the elements with a canopy and places guests in a commanding position to soak in the majestic panoramic vista of the Peruvian Amazon.

  • Gym
    Love your next cruise ship workout at a gym that faces out to the Amazon river with full-height windows. The gym is also comprehensively equipped with essential machines and free weights.

  • Spa
    Indulge in therapeutic relaxation with a body massage at our onboard spa designed with privacy and tranquility in mind. Let our experienced therapists work wonders to rejuvenate your mind and soul, or simply to relax your muscles after a day out on the Amazon. Both single and couple spa suites are available.

  • Library and Games Room
    Immerse in the finest literature about the region or play a game of pool on our exquisite glass and wood table. The library and games room on the Aqua Nera is the ideal place for quiet contemplation.


Aqua Nera Peruvian Amazon Cruise — Suites:

Award-winning architect Noor Design draws inspiration from the peaceful blackwater lagoons and tributaries of the Mirrored Forest of the Peruvian Amazon to craft an aesthetic for Aqua Nera’s suites that are impeccably stylish and inviting.

Aqua Nera Amazon Cruise Suites

Presenting 20 Design Suites (including 4 interconnecting suites), your accommodation on the most luxurious ship in the Amazon features premium fittings and bedding, as well as full air-conditioning and full-length windows to gaze at the endlessly enthralling panorama of the Amazon river and rainforest.

Besides being incredibly spacious, our suite’s layouts are designed to maximize space, optimize movement and enhance natural light. Passengers who need walking assistance can navigate our rooms and bathrooms with ease.

Aqua Nera Amazon Cruise Suites

Our suites can each accommodate a maximum of three guests (interior sofas can be combined to form a bed), with a maximum cap of 44 guests on board the vessel.

All individual suites measure 322 square feet (30 sq m), inclusive of ensuite bathroom and closet space.

Aqua Nera Peruvian Amazon Cruise — Deckplan:

Aqua Nera Peruvian Amazon Cruise — Deckplan

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