Archipel 1 & 2

Meet the two pioneers of the Galapagos: Archipel 1 & 2 Galapagos Cruise Catamarans!

These motor catamarans arrived in 2002, and offer stable double hulls, wide decks and large social areas, all of which are nearby each other.

Each catamaran offers eight cabins above the waterline, with two windows for a nice sea view. They also include clean private facilities, hot/cold water, low beds, air-conditioning, and a storage space for a comfortable stay.

Archipel 1 & 2 - Galapagos Cruise Catamarans - Wildlife

The Archipel I not only has a contemporary new design, but also appears (together with the Archipel II) as one of the only catamarans in its category. True value for money, and a great alternative for those looking for a catamaran experience, at competitive rates.

  • New on Archipel I:
  • Redesigned interior social areas, with a fresh contemporary look.
  • Completely redesign of cabins, featuring now brighter colours and ocean view with two separate windows which can be opened.
  • Brand new interior and exterior furniture.
  • Elegant teak wood floor on the spacious sun-deck
  • Al Fresco dining with great views from the sun-deck.
  • Weekly BBQ on the last dinner of every cruise.
  • ATC quality standard in guidance and service.

Archipel I Itineraries

Archipel I Itinerary A

Archipel I Itinerary B

Archipel II Itineraries

Archipel II Itinerary A

Archipel II Itinerary B

Archipel 1 Cabins:

Archipel 1 Cabins
Archipel 1 Cabins
Archipel 1 Cabins
Archipel 1 Cabins

Archipel 2 Cabins:

Archipel 2 Cabins
Archipel 2 Cabins
Archipel 2 Cabins
Archipel 2 Cabins

Archipel 1 Deckplan:

Archipel 1 Deckplan

Archipel 2 Deckplan:

Archipel 2 Deckplan

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