M/Y Passion

Originally built as a private luxury yacht, the M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht has been completely refurbished while still retaining many of its original elegant features such as its rose-colored marble bathrooms and teak wood decks that make this vessel one of a kind.

The M/Y Passion, originally named Bellisima (“beautiful” in Italian), offers a sense of relaxed refinement and exclusivity, as the boat was never before used for tourism.

Ideal for families and private charters, the M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht is 159 feet (48.5 meters) in length and is spread over four decks. The yacht boasts an exceptional amount of space for only 14 passengers.

This exclusive vessel has ample social areas, a panoramic sky lounge and bar, separate dining room, wonderfully spacious sun decks for al fresco dining and a secluded sun deck with Jacuzzi for relaxation and privacy.

M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht

All four staterooms are fully air-conditioned and each has its own private bathroom with bathtub. Additionally, our VIP and Master suites feature two en-suite bathrooms each.

The ratio of one staff member per guest ensures first class, personalized service and the finest gourmet cuisine is served throughout the cruise.

Ample interior and exterior social areas, a panoramic sky lounge with bar and sliding glass doors, separate dining room and wonderfully spacious decks with a further secluded sun deck with lounge chairs and Jacuzzi; all beautifully set off by the more than 200 m2 of fine teak decking.

M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht Activities

With a service ratio of one crew member per guest, she ensures a service second to none, whilst the first class galley produces gourmet cuisine of international standards. When chartered, our chef will tailor each meal based on our passengers’ requests.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be served al fresco in our exterior dining area if the weather permits, allowing guests to enjoy the amazing views of the Galapagos Islands where sunsets and moonrises are stunning.

M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht Itineraries:

M/Y Passion itineraries have been created by Fiddi Angermeyer, a pioneer in Galapagos cruising. He has extensive experience and knowledge of the islands - having guided a large number of passengers and scientists from all around the world, he possesses an impressive understanding of the currents and winds, which he combines to give people the most enjoyable experience of the island possible.

M/Y Passion has two itineraries, east and west. The west goes through Fernandina and the backside Isabella. Here, there are many shield volcanoes to see, as well as an abundance of marine life in the crystal clear waters, and the Cromwell current that carries them.

The eastern itinerary goes through the islands of archipelago, where you’ll find impressive landscapes, and a variety of bird and amphibian species that are present only on these islands.

  • M/Y Passion - Galapagos Itinerary - 8 Day / 7 Night Cruise – Western Islands
  • M/Y Passion Western Islands Itinerary
  • The western islands voyage navigates around the youngest Galapagos Islands. Floreana´s olivine beaches, splashed with the pink of flamingos, Isabela Island, with its volcanic craters and lush highlands, and Fernandina, the newest island and one of the world´s pristine natural environments.

    Tagus cove, the olds pirates´ anchorage, and many other sites with fabulous snorkeling.

  • M/Y Passion - Galapagos Itinerary - 8 Day / 7 Night Cruise – Eastern Islands
  • M/Y Passion Eastern Islands Itinerary
  • The eastern islands cruise onboard of the Passion takes us to the wild and remote Genovesa Island (home of the Short-eared Owl) and the iconic views of Bartolome where we will find the renowned Pinnacle Rock.

    One of the highlights of the itinerary is the visit to Punta Espejo, one of the best snorkel places in Galapagos. There are the gentlest of giants, Darwin´s giant tortoises, on Santa Cruz. On Española Island we will encounter idyllic white sands and the colorful marine iguanas, albatross, sea lions and blue footed boobies of Punta Suarez.


M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht Cabins:

Passion Galapagos Yacht Cabins
Passion Galapagos Yacht Cabins
Passion Galapagos Yacht Cabins
Passion Galapagos Yacht Cabins


M/Y Passion Galapagos Yacht Deckplan:

Passion Galapagos Yacht Deckplan


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