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The Americas’ tiniest country, El Salvador is huge on natural beauty—and hospitality.

MS-13 may dominate the headlines, but the vast majority of El Salvador has nothing to do with gangs. Rather, it’s about volcanoes, mangrove swamps, virgin forest, and some of the most pristine beaches in the hemisphere.

El Salvador is proof that great things come in small packages. In the space of two or three hours, travelers can get to anywhere in this enchanting country. You can be at the top of a volcano one minute, and swimming and surfing in the ocean 45 minutes later. With so many attractions on offer, El Salvador starts looking not so chiquito after all.

Here are some of the options as we help you plan your Salvadoran adventure:

  •  Joya de Cerén is the American Pompeii, a Mayan village buried under volcanic ash 1,400 years ago. Today, tours of this UNESCO World Heritage site reveal the secrets of the residents’ ancestral way of life.
  •  Suchitoto is Nahuatl for “place of flowers and birds.” And indeed, this arty town outside the capital is a place of beauty. Stroll through the resident artists’ galleries, or go hawk- and crane-watching at the local lake.
  •  In the vast estuary of Jiquilisco Bay, white sand and island mangroves frame a stunning eco-reserve. Kayak tours let you experience it up close.
  •  The Apaneca Cordillera is a mountain-biker’s dream. Waterfalls, pine groves, and active volcanoes provide the backdrop for an unforgettable trip through misty cloud forests.
  •  Looking to catch some waves? El Tunco and El Zonte offer black sand, colored rocks, and swells that draw surfers from all over the hemisphere.

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