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El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America.

Located between Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Coast, El Salvador has a wide variety of activities to offer and all within a maximum of a 3-hour drive. You can be at the top of a volcano and 45 minutes later swimming and surfing in the ocean.

Before the Spanish conquest, El Salvador was a part of the great Mayan civilization. There are many archaeological sites that can be explored. Joya de Ceren is one of these sites - a town buried under volcanic ash 1,400 years ago and now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In El Salvador the biodiversity includes mangrove forests, swamp forests, lagoons, pine and oak forests, cloud forests and tropical dry forests and is home to a diversity of butterflies, bird species, fish and orchids.

El Salvador has a volcanic landscape giving access to a variety of activities on land and water: mountain biking through cloud forests in Apaneca, hiking up the Santa Ana and Izalco volcanoes, Scuba diving in Lake Ilopango, fishing at Costa del Sol, kayaking mangroves and rafting the Rio Lempa.

The beaches of El Salvador offer excellent surfing, especially the La Libertad and El Cuco areas.

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