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"Where to begin? The food, the culture, the scenery... Mexico consists of 31 states, each one offering something different for you to feast your senses on." 

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Mexico: the name evokes Mayan pyramids and Aztec sacrifices. But the reality of this vast country outstrips even the legends.

For 4,000 years, Mexico has been a place of imperial splendor, from the pre-Columbian Olmecs to the Spanish Viceroyalty, from its thunderous revolution to its teeming, ultra-modern capital. To today’s travelers, the riches it offers are inexhaustible.

Those riches are everywhere you look. They’re in the heartland, where colonial cities parade jaw-dropping architecture and world-class eats. They’re on the Pacific coast, where turquoise waters inspire sun-worshippers more ardent than Moctezuma himself. And they’re in every pueblo scattered along the roadside, where vibrant fiestas and indigenous handicrafts testify to a society that’s been multicultural since before the term existed.

Here are some of the endless options as we help you plan your Mexican adventure:

  •  The temples of Chichén Itzá are justly famous the world over. But the Yucatan Peninsula is teeming with other Mayan ruins—many still hidden deep in the jungle.
  •  Baja California is Mexico at its wildest and most remote. Rock formations, whale watching, and blazing gold-and-blue sunsets make for a near-mystical experience.
  •  One of the great world capitals, Mexico City is truly overwhelming—in every sense. Its Anthropological Museum and vast central park alone will take you days to explore.
  •  Needing to disconnect? The beaches in scenic Oaxaca offer dolphins, mangroves, and some seriously gnarly surfing. If you’re looking for the essence of chilled-out, this place is it.
  •  At four times the size of the Grand Canyon, Mexico’s Copper Canyon is a monster. Hop on the Chihuahua Pacific railway for an all-day glimpse into its dizzying depths.
  •  Feeling fit? Head up the 248 steps of Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun for views from the hemisphere’s tallest pyramid. This pre-Columbian monolith looks out on a temple-lined Avenue of the Dead.

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Our travel company and especially our agent made our last vacation very memorable.   Our agent took care of the rest and delivered a package that met all of our expectations.  All transfers were there, accommodations were as described, and all details were covered.  I was a little nervous being somewhat removed from the process but there was nothing to be concerned about.  I am sure this trip would not have turned out as nice if we had tried to coordinate things ourselves.  Our travel agency made sure it was right the first time.  Great Job.

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